Summer Transfer Window 2022

My view currently on every single Utd player is they have been badly miss-managed, bar Maguire, he is just crap.


Dunno, I think a lot of them are crap or not as good as originally thought.

Can’t see Van De Beek being a top player after looking so limited. Look at the players he’s struggling to get minutes over. He’s probably just not very good.


They can be crap for different reasons?

Maguire is crap because he can’t play football.

The likes of Pogba, Fernandes, Ronnie are crap because their egos get in the way - but they can play football. The mismanagement is the fact they even went as far as buying them.

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Okay, I think Van De Beek is just crap. I haven’t seen anything from him that suggests otherwise. He had a nice #10 role for Ajax, much easier than what he has to do in the premier league.

Van Basten said he isn’t very good and it’s hard to disagree. Occam’s razor applies here. He’s shite.


Ajax make me laugh sometimes, they tend to know their players’ quality and can sometimes be candid with it. I always remember us signing Jordy Brouwer from them and while British media described it us scooping a wonderkid from them, Ajax themselves publicly questioned how good he was…

Ajax technical director Martin van Geel claimed he was surprised by Liverpool’s interest as they were unsure if Brouwer was good enough to make the breakthrough at the Amsterdam ArenA.
“We didn’t have the complete conviction that he was ready for it,” Van Geel told AD Sportwereld
"Internally we have talked about Jordy a lot.
"That doubt stayed after Liverpool expressed their interest.
“I say that without bitterness, because I wish Jordy all the success at Liverpool.”

Of course we went ahead, signed him and he was absolute poop.


Hopefully that means they also have to bring in Lasse Schone.


On Beek, I don’t think he’s crap, but I never thought he was in the same bracket as Frenkie in terms of quality and potential. Thought he got too much “love” lately, like there’s a hidden gem in him or something. Could be nostalgia over that Ajax side from 18/19. Didn’t really understand that move from United’s perspective at the time when they had Fernandes playing the same position.

Rumours they want De Ligt!

Well, this is big! That said, if their offers were almost identical, I still don’t understand why any player would choose PSG over Real Madrid.

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Well the rumoured £100m+ signing on fee probably helped. If he’s only signing a three year deal then he gets to do all this again in 2025 and pocket himself another £100m+ signing on fee and spend his prime years (26-32) at Real.

Modric doing another season? That’s great if so.

Even though they are rich, PSG are a historically small club in an even smaller league, and he declines to go to a genuinely big club and a big league. That shows lack of ambition from the lad. Money is apparently everything for him. Meh.

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Yeah, verbally agreed a good few months ago, now official.

Incredible the level he’s playing at that age for a midfielder, I don’t remember a lot of similar examples in modern times. He will be just short of 38 when his newest Real contract expires.

It’s not even that question or worry “can he do it for one more year”, you feel like he’s still quite comfortable doing it.

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Absolutely, he’s just brilliant. Still so agile and quick off the mark, showing no signs of slowing down just yet. Players often look more stiff in their movement as they get into their 30s, but that’s not the case yet with Modric.

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Stevie not wasting any time.


Didn’t United want him ?

Maybe he wants to sign for us on a free for defender level wages in 3 years?

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I guess Nakamba will be off, then.

Perhaps the thinking is that De Beek is already at the club and allows the new manager to set a template to build on?

Stevie pulling some strings early on. First Boubakar Kamara from Marseille & now they’ve agreed a £26m deal for Sevilla’s Diego Carlos.

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That’s some hefty fee :flushed: