Summer Transfer Window 2023

Silvio isn’t wasting his time.

Yeah, but like I said above, a lot of those are confirmed deals in advance. Obligations to buy, options to buy, etc.

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Ben Brereton leaving Blackburn, expected to sign for Villarreal.

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Don’t you go to those cunts of clubs…

Makes sense for all 3 sides.

I’m surprised Chelsea aren’t doing more to keep him, but there you go.

He has possibly earned himself one more final big move with the stuff he’s been showing in last years, finally playing close to his full potential.

Of course he makes sense for all of them, he’s a top quality player! You know where else he’d make sense? At Liverpool!


Person A: God we’re shit and we really need to get rid of players. Who should we get rid of?
Person B: What about one of the only ones who has shown quality consistently over the past 2 years?
Person A: Genius



Josep Martinez from RB Leipzig to Genoa for €3.5m.
George Puscas from Reading to Genoa for €3m.
Jordan Beyer from Monchengladbach to Burnley for €15m.
Becir Omeragic from Zurich to Montpellier on a free.
Julian Chabot from Sampdoria to Koln for €2.5m.
Mousa Al-Tamari from Leuven to Montpellier on a free.
Chris Wood from Newcastle to Forest for €17m.
Kevin Strootman from Marseille to Genoa on a free.
Alejandro Grimaldo from Benfica to Leverkusen on a free.
Omar Marmoush from Wolfsburg to Eintracht on a free.

Nice catch by Leverkusen and Alonso, Grimaldo on a free.

How much has Forest spent since their promotion?

I’m sure we have been linked with this guy in the past.

To save anyone else wasting their time clicking that, the MASSIVE DISCOUNT is in fact not a discount, it’s selling Kelleher to Brighton for £20m.

Honestly, these fucking sites and their fucking gutter standards.

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Most big teams were before he went to Roma, and many assumed he would only be there a year or two before making another jump to an even bigger club, but he destroyed his knee before the end of his first season there and never really got back to form. That’s been 10 years since that injury though.

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Antonio Candreva from Sampdoria to Salernitana for €500k.
Manu Morlanes from Villarreal to Mallorca for €4m.

Ashley Barnes from Burnley to Norwich on a free.
Paulo Otavio from Wolfsburg to Al-Sadd on a free.

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They probably need to focus more on defense, but if they can get Rice and then Gundogan on a free that will be a great summer for them

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If I was a fan of the club signing Rice this summer, I’d be ecstatic. He’s a fantastic player, one that would help alleviate some pressure on Arsenal’s defence (Heaven knows he’s been doing a lot of that for West Ham) and he would offer a physical presence in midfield. He’s become much more than that, though, his technical ability is really good.

I guess signing him is a good start of strengthening their defence but they probably need another top centre back in addition to Rice to rival Man City for the title and not fall away like we did this season.

To be honest, I expected Man United to go for a younger option - specifically Osimhen - but they’d be crazy not to try to get Kane if they are given the opportunity. He’ll be worth every penny to them.

Luiz Araujo from Atlanta to Flamengo for €9m.
Santiago Ascasibar from Hertha to Estudiantes for €2.5m.
Dawid Kownacki from Dusseldorf to Werder on a free.
Kieran Dowell from Norwich to Rangers on a free.