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I want to thank all our current patreons your support goes a long way to making this place the fantastic place it is and able to cope with bing swings in server demand.

To put this in numbers since TAN started:

891 topics
387K Posts
714K Liked posts
166K User visits
100K user visits on a mobile
14.9M page views total
2.6M page views people not logged in.
50 gig data

During this time we have had just 2 suspended users. That tells me we have a cools site and a great community !! To keep this place fantastic (this site created for fans, for fans) it would be brilliant if we could get more Patreons to help support the site :slight_smile:

This site prides itself on privacy and respect for the community. Thats why we will never advertise and we will never use any data. All money goes directly for paying for the site (and the team all volunteer their time). But it would be a massive help if we could get a few more people supporting the site to help it break even. Full transparency the server costs for the site are $58.74 (USD) per month, our Patreons contribute ÂŁ31 per month, roughly $36.80.

A few reasons its out of kilter weak pound, inflation costs associated with server. Also we have had a slow drop off in the number of patreons. Although a couple of people have left the site, it actually seems the main reason for decreasing numbers is card date expiry. At the moment we have 13 Patreons. It would be brilliant if we could get that number back up to roughly 20. That help us be self-sufficient

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In addition to the patrons, thank you everyone for making this a brilliant site. From @SixpenceNun posting the goals through to @Magnus providing detailed updates on Ukraine. We have lots of fantastic posters who all make brilliant contributions. Its the first and last site I check every day.


I see that the payments are still not resolved now I checked, will look into it this weekend.

Would it be possible to make a one off payment?

You are welcome, my peasants.

But seriously, its a small amount but I am glad to contribute because since the TIA forums era, this has always been the only community forum that I bother reading and posting in. So really hope to see it keep going for a long long time.


Have you visited this site?

Nope…because if you had noticed…I am now beyond ART.

Brilliant, thank you :grinning:

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Patreon is a bit of a pain for this sorry. You can make a one-off payment, but the only way is to cancel subsequent ones.

I am sure you have explore the options but I see like youtube creators able to ask people to like donate using this site called buy me a coffee or something?

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Just checked but since June when we spoke about the matter I have changed the expire date and everything is oké now. Told the system to retry, let’s see what happens.

Done, hope it worked

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It’s worked perfectly mate !!

Shout out also to @RedWhippet for also becoming a Patreon

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I just realised I never actually did this. Fixed that error now.

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It still does not work, don’t know what to do more than I have done.