The Anfield Noise Welcome thread

If guys could give me a week, a big upgrade is happening next week for mobile platforms :wink:

Multiple options will be provided. With different pros and cons. Doing some work to make it as easy as possible.


A week? We want it now!

(And sign Thiago while you’re at it)


Anything less than Thiago, Messi and Mbappe is a failure.


ISMF is good but he’s not that good.


Chelsea has signed Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Thiago and Chilwell. If ISMF can’t even manage to get Thiago, Messi and Mbappe, then #ISMF out#.


Guys guys, we need to be realistic.

Next week Thiago and site upgrade
Summer of 2021 Mbappe

Sorry,but Messi is not on the cards. The tension between him and Robbo would be too great.


Self professed and proud technophobe. How do I change my username back to the one I used on TIA?

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It is in your Preferences.

Made the change already, but in case you want to change other things

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I am here. Changed my name somewhat as i reckoned it wouldn’t matter with the email invitations etc…

Thanks @Arminius

Let me get used to this site , would have loved to have an option of getting down to the last reply etc though


Cheers brother. If you hadn’t there’s a very good chance I’d have some how managed to set my house on fire trying to change it! Appreciate that.


Suddenly getting this warning on mobile (Android) Chrome.

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Apologies I think its might be because I have been making changes in the background. (and things are being upgraded)

But just in case could you PM me the certificate information?

Hello there,

I recently moved from my Red home This is Anfield (TIA) to the new home, after 15 long years, it was an emotional move when you have so many memories from the previous place. So, I have brought my bags and I am looking for my corner where i can settle down and put my bags away. I am kind a lost at the moment navigating my way round the new home which is different, hopefully, I will settle down soon.

Anyhow, the posters who know me from the TIA know that I have become a nervous poster over the last few years. I can’t function without 4 cups of tea before noon, I am abit nutty and I love chocolate and biscuit or cake with my cuppa. Whenever I was down, the TIA gang always made me laugh and lift my spirits, bless them. Hopefully, I will get laughing again soon.

Wishing our new home all the luck, success, happiness, with old posters and new posters adding a great mix of information, new ideas, interesting trends and news with great banter.


Tea, dear! Cookies!!! Why don’t you settle on that couch.


I just keep tapping on items…and having a look…it seems to work, let’s hope they work this aft…


I am also tapping on items. I logged myself out accidentally the other day and couldn’t work out how to log back in. :upside_down_face: :grimacing: :joy:

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Can we get custom titles on this forum, @ISMF1 ? If so, I propose “Resident Bag Lady” for @Maria .


And ‘no offense maria’ for @PeachesEnRegalia


Notifications seem to have stopped for me?

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That is probably my fault sorry,

There are lots of dials and knobs in the background and I was trying to strike the right balance (a few days ago some users were getting 60 emails relating to notifications :joy:).

Still trying to get it right but I am will get there :slight_smile: . (limiting emails for notifications to a low amount, at the same time maintaining all notifications).

You can change your own individual settings (which is a quite a bit easier than global setting) under your profile:

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