The Book Thread

Yeah that’s a good read.

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Of Mice and Men is a brilliant book. Memorable characters, interesting themes.

I love 20th century American literature though.

Apart from Gatsby. That shit is dreadful.

It’s odd, despite being an avid reader throughtout my life i dont think i have read classics like catcher in the rye and of mice and men.

Of Mice and Men is a short story basically. It’s touching and sad, but The Grapes of Wrath is far more weighty.

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Haven’t read Grapes of Wrath either. I guess part of my surprise is that a lot of these titles are on the syllabus at schools - although they rotate (or used to?) so not all are available every year.

Steinbeck is very readable. He spent a lot of time with working people in the Western US and his language reflects that.

Might look to pick that up and have a read over Christmas. Thanks,

Really enjoying this.

Absurb but really enjoyable.

In another slightly less morbid coincidence, I reached chapter 6 of ‘The Door into Summer’ just before midnight, and the first line was:

'I got a job on the second day, Friday, the fifteenth of December.

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Finished reading The Fund, which is about the hedge fund Bridgewater Capital.

I always knew it was a weird place, but I didn’t know how weird.

Great book.

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Managed to finish my last lot before the end of 2023 so, have a new selection for 2024.



Kurt Vonnegut- my 11th grade English teacher had us pick a book for a report and i didn’t know what i wanted to do, so she suggested Slaughterhouse 5. She was a bit hippie/going to expand my mind type, but wow i wasn’t ready for that lol. I knew nothing of Vonnegut and was into LOTR type fantasy, and i just remember i put it down and carefully backed away so it wouldn’t find its way into my backpack.

Wonder if I’d like any better now lol. Some people love his stuff but i wasn’t one of them at 16.

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I’m a massive fan of Vonnegut’s stuff. Slaughterhouse 5 was the one that got me into him.

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Yeah I was just caught completely unaware about what I was about to get into. I wasn’t ready for it at all.

I struggled desperately with SH5. I wanted to like it. I saw things in the themes that made me think I should like it. People whose tastes I tend to have overlap with loved it. But I felt myself turning pages and getting nothing from it.

The LFC Vancouver OSC main organizer has published a book, going to have a read once it arrives.