The Book Thread

Us working class don’t understand this stuff :joy:

Anyhow I’m currently reading this

Small chapters on places that history has been shaped over the 20th century.

It’s quite a hefty book but rewarding and some of the best writing on war I’ve read in a while.

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Stage 6 currently…

Have been there for about 15 years!

Pandora’s box opening…

How many posters fell out/left due to this guy…

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I read someone yesterday pointing out that they edited his comment to remove him calling him batshit crazy. The comment was in context an awful condemnation of the man and his ideas that said his thesis is batshit crazy but its clearest piece of writing yet. The was meant as a criticism that something so bad was still his best work.

They cut out the batshit crazy bit and used the blurb that it was his best piece of writing yet :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hes pure scum

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My final selection of the year. I won’t get through them all before the end, and I think I’ll be doing some heavy movie watching next year, but it’s been a fairly good year for reading by my standards.




I’m on 110 according to Goodreads


Just re-read The Catcher in the Rye after 45 years.

I’d forgotten how funny and dark it is.


I do think it gets an undeserved kicking at times.

I always confuse that book with the one whose name I cannot remember now, about the farm hands where one of them isnt right in the head. Of Mice and Men?

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Yes, you are thinking about ‘Of Mice and Men’. Two more different novels it’s difficult to imagine!

‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is a coming of age story about a long, lost weekend in the life of fifteen year old Holden Caulfield. Probably one of the first novels to seriously try to depict teenage alienation, it was prescient at the time it was published and remains a classic of it’s genre.


From whom?

Snobby 40 somethings.

It’s well known people mocking the Holden Caulfied persona

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Weird. I’ve never heard about that. He’s a kid. Obviously he is going to have faults.

People just love to sneer.


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I thought you meant the moralist Christian types in the States.

John Steinbeck, did it at college. Shit book, same as The Tempest and Lord of the Flies. Maybe I just didn’t like Mrs English, why the hell she wasn’t a maths teacher for the irony I’ll never know.

Even today, can’t eat ketchup without remembering the horribly hot classroom and the dazzling girl who sat opposite me.

Well them too.

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Just finished Putin’s People, an excellent book on post-USSR Russia and the rise of Putin.

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