The Central Midfield Thread

Wonder which 2 alternatives posters would suggest if we decide not to buy Arthur and if we miss out on Bellingham.

What I propose is that if we don’t buy Jude, then the alternative would be to buy Arthur and if we don’t buy Arthur then the alternative is to buy Jude.

What we need is a combination between Bellingham’s talent and Arthur’s desire to become a Liverpool player.

With Iñaki Williams’ indestructibility.


The ideal is Arthur is signed as that means he’s discovered his early Barca level and he’d be perfect rotation with Thiago.

We add Bellingham for the right and a younger prospect for Fabinho backup like the Gomes or Enzo linked players,

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Enzo Fernandez seems to be the name emerging and hit fits the bill perfectly.

  • based in Portugal
  • will be 22 next summer
  • plays in centre midfield
  • could have bought him for a fraction of what he’ll cost now he’ll have a season under his belt in a European league
  • based in Portugal
  • no one on here will have seen ten full games of his
  • twitter clowns say he’s better than Henderson
  • Transfermarkt says he’s never had a single injury
  • based in Portugal

You are Ward, aren’t you? Hi Julian, time to change your username! :+1: :blush:

Portugal is the new Southampton

A fair summory, but I think you overlooked the biggest factor - being he is based in Portugal.

Couldn’t have bought him directly from River Plate because they don’t play in Portugal.

Playing for Liverpool would fix that.