The club you dislike most

I could have said the club you"hate " most but I was always told that hate was to strong a word.:slight_smile:
Obviously for many years this would be Man U for me and many others however I have a new top of my list, Chelsea, the plastic billionaire owned club that are full of crap as are most of their fans.
Second on my list is now Man City. FFP cheats with multi billionaire ownership for me now edge Man U onto third place. If Fergie was still at Man U they would be clear top of my list as he was proven to be a cheat and a manipulator of rules and officials many times over.


Manchester City.

Odious, vile, human rights-abusing cheats.

The fact that they’ve surpassed Man U says it all.


For me it’s Man Cheaty first, Chelsea second. Two boring, artificially inflated clubs without any history or supporters worthy to speak about.

The red mancs and Everton on the other hand are rivals. I want them to be well behind us, but I also want them to stay around, so we can keep that rivalry going.

Whereas I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if the two former clubs disappeared into oblivion. Dislike? Of course, but I couldn’t bring myself to hate them, they are too insignificant for this. And anyway, everyone knows that their titles are worth zilch, throwing ridiculous amounts of oil money on players and ‘winning’ by cheating on the rules.

Despise is probably the best word to describe how I feel about them.


@jaffod, is that you? :rofl:

Agree with the comments above.
I intensely dislike City & Chelsea in every way, but they will never, ever reach the heights of being ‘Rivals’ to us, that honour will always go to Man Utd, and Everton <- Note the respect there.

And oddly, there is a certain respect for our rivals, always has been, but of course, we can’t show that!

The other 2 blues are just out and out revolting, with the delusional Manc lot thinking they have usurped Utd and are now our rivals, as if!!

Of the other so called top 6, I have the least animosity to Arsenal. Spurs I just feel sorry for, as in “Aww bless, they’re trying to play”. Man Utd, not bothered so long as they stay behind us, but them other two I just want to rip apart and plunge downwards.


From sporting point of view, it will always be United. They are a proper club and they took something from us.

Chelsea and City are plastic clubs and don’t even deserve the dislike.

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Indifferent to Man City and Chelsea. They don’t even deserve my hatred. They aren’t our rivals.


Any club in the Prem especially if they take points off us or injure one of ours.

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Because of what they stand for, their effect on the sport and the source of their backing, Man City. I want them destroyed. They are a pox on the game.

Man Utd is a rivalry that can be enjoyed, with a basis in grudging respect. Man City are just cheating cunts funded by blood stained oil money.


The list is:

  1. Cheaty
  2. Chavski
  3. Barker
  4. Manure
  5. Bitters
  6. Special mention to any agri-thug clubs such as Wimbledon, Bolton, Wigan, Stoke, Burnley.
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The red mancs,they either make my blood boil or more recently a bit of a vindictive joy,the immorality of the chavs and citeh are my only feelings of hatred towards them rather than a footballing rivalry.


I also cant stand shit teams like WBA and Fulham who are pointless in the Prem.

Depends on what day it is… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Wednesday,the Owls it is.


Well, because their supporters gave me so much grief over the years, I really grew to dislike Man United in sporting sense, i.e. I wish their staff and fans health and wealth but I also wish them that Man United don’t win a thing for the next thirty years at least.

They are a proper club, though, with real legends and history, unlike Man City and Chelsea, who bought their success and happily continue down that path.

A special mention to every club ever managed by Tony Pulis, especially his Stoke side, though.


I’ve no idea who this is :thinking:

Sue Barker? :joy:


I’m surprised that you didn’t say “Bullingdon”! :wink:

Yeh, City definitely number one for me now. Chelsea a close second (although I think their fans are worse than the actual club for me, if the two can be separated). After that I’d say Barcelona for their faux superiority, Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma and Lazio (mostly for their fans), Bayern (and the rest of the BuLi who enable them), think that’s about it before we get into the lower echelons.

I don’t mind United so much. Bit annoyed that they’ve started fucking up so much in the last few years as it would have been sweeter to be smashing them when they were still any good. So fuck them for that.


Have I mentioned that I dislike most of the legendary clubs across Europe, except Ajax. Clubs with records of chronic success really get under my skin. Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Milan, Juventus…

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Haha, nah it was Barca mutated for their recent moanings like the dogs they are !!!


Sometimes lasts week as well. Chelsea it is this week, because of the game and that one win this week, which makes them think they’re suddenly the best. But it’ll take just a Bruno penalty and idiot United fans coming out of their hiding in numbers, or one Wan Bissaka run and posts of Trent come out to change that. And the comparisons Pogba > Hendo blah blah… United fans are the most irritating.

The problem is the number of irritating supporters here which are more for these clubs like United that cause much of the hatred. There aren’t many Everton fans where I come from, maybe the hatred isn’t as much as many of you feel. But the rivalry I can understand. Few City supporters still I have seen here. That skews the hatred towards these clubs like United, Chelsea who have plenty of fans who just try to piss off others, especially the former.

City hatred comes broadly from social media and their retarded posts, and then players like Fernandinho, Ederson, Sterling, B Silva … aargghh…

Ok, I am back to it depends on what day it is… :expressionless:

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