The club you dislike most

Manure, Glasgow and PSG.

The arse.

The Pale Blue Cheaters

Then broccoli. :grinning:

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Chelsea above and beyond anyone. Soulless corporate entity with far-right/racist fan groups. Only where they are because of an oligarch. The antithesis of everything we stand for as a club.

I have more respect for United and their achievements, but I still think we have more of a sense of culture around us. They’re like a global corporation now, eh? My hate for them is a more a footballing rivalry. They dominated when I was a kid and so I always thought of them as the big ‘baddies’ as it were. Also think their fans’ obsession with us is utterly embarrassing.

My Dad always hated Arsenal because of '71 and '89 and I inherited that as a kid when they were winning everything. Under Wenger in the early 00s, they were a right mean team with dirty players. I’ve softened on them, though. If anything, I’ve met more sound Arsenal fans than Spurs fans.

Like many fans with family from Merseyside, I have Evertonians in my family and we’re a mix. From Hillsborough to Fans Supporting Foodbanks to Rhys James etc., they’ve always stood in solidarity with us so I can’t “hate” them. They’re more like a wee brother you want to beat - their jealousy and bitterness is tiresome. In fact, in a roundabout way, despite not despising them in the way I do other clubs, I want to beat them more than anyone else due to the pride that comes with it.


Oh, and if we count other nations, I despise Rangers more than almost anyone for reasons too long to list. It’s a source of great dismay that Gerrard manages them and I hope he moves on to better things soon.


Worst is City. Unbearable. For no reason, cheats and think they are a big club. Forever in Uniteds shadow.

Chelsea, honestly similar to City but I don’t have a feeling for them of hatred or respect. I know Frank will turn me against them. Think their location helps that I don’t seem them as a rival.

United+Everton, don’t like, our biggest two rivals, but at the same time I’d honestly not like to see any of them go down. Both ‘proper’ clubs like the other two. Long may our dominance over rivals continue for years to come.

Arsenal+Spurs, actually feel bad for them for some reason. If we could come first I’d like to see West Ham second due to my father then either of them in the top 4. Mainly due to them getting taken the piss out of. Like Spurs as it has a good amount of English lads on the team and Arsenal as I always admired Wenger

  1. Chelsea
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Man City
  4. Man United
  5. PSG
  6. Bayern Munich
  7. Barcelona
  8. Watford
  9. The Red Bull clubs
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I live in Germany, so Bayern Munich are particularly vile to me. Of our domestic rivals it’s pretty much even between Chelsea and the Manchesters. Real, PSG, Juventus are all horrible. AC Milan’s association with Berlusconi makes them toxic too. Rangers and their disgusting songs are also repugnant. Burnley are a bunch of thugs.

I would say both of the old firm teams,
i cant stand there constant squabbling over religion, politics or who’s the worst club, or who’s fans are the worst, its relentless…

i’d also add…

Man City
Real Madrid,
Saudi Arabia under 16’s youth team in 1989, as they beat Scotland youth in the world under 16 championships, and some of there players had full beards! cheats IMO

And while I’m at it,
Nairn County under 16’s, cos they beat the youth team i played in 2-1 in the cup final,
fucking denied us the treble that did, bastards…


I don’t really hate anyone, but I do loath a couple of clubs. I loathe Manchester City and Chelsea, much for the same reasons people have mentioned above. Their success seems cheap and completely artificial to me. It is unfair for everyone else to compete with an oil-rich dictatorship that floods their pet project with cash, and the pet project of a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin that amassed insane wealth during the collapse of the Soviet Union, along with other Russian robber lords. Basically, I don’t respect their achievements and I would not mind them getting relegated for some time. They are warts on the face of fair football.

But rivalry I like. Rivalry is fun, it is part of the good game. Rivalry I respect. I don’t want Everton or Manchester United to win titles, but the league would be much less fun without them. And their success is not artificial (well, Everton and success is a bit, but you know what I mean).
As for clubs I don’t like due to playstyle, that’s Burnley and a few others. Crystal Palace has a boring style as well, but I don’t loath them, I even respect them because I realise that they play to their strengths which is fair enough in sports. Due to the fact that I watch a lot of games, I would, although it is selfish of course, like the clubs that play the least romantic football to go down, but I still have some respect for them.
But yeah, league would be a bit less fascinating if Manchester United and/or Everton went down, I don’t want that. Much more fun to play them.

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1.Man City/Swansea
3.Man Uinted

Times change and teams move around but right now,thats my top 3ish,although from birth i have to dislike Swansea FC.

It’s difficult as I’ve grown up not really hating much, I just cared less and less about the rest and enjoy following Liverpool.

Also need to separate natural rivalries that will always be there and periodic rivalries. Clubs and teams, too.

But special mention to Chelsea, they’re certainly high up there when I think of the whole package. The more I find out about that club and it’s fans, the more I don’t like them.


I forgot Torquay United, not surprisng really!

Dislike but respect:
Man Utd (annoying cunts, but respect to their achievements)
Maribor (yes, that annoying little cunts from Slovenia - biggest rivals of my local club)

Serious dislike and I never wish them well on pitch (call me a bitter cunt):
Real Madrid (self entitled cunts)
Barcelona (had respect for them years ago, now they’re just cunts to everybody even themselves)
Man Cheaty (fake, artificial: “now that we have a gazillionare owner, we’re suddenly one of the big boys” attitude)
Atletico Madrid (fuck off with yer anti football)

Biggest dislike:
Chelski (as said before, racist, right winged oligarch cunts + Man Cheaty features)

But I like Dortmund.


Has to be Millwall I’m afraid. Institutions like that are a national embarrassment and in 20 years from now just won’t exist IMO. But I did laugh at what they did to one of the local pubs when I lived in Stratford (E15) after they beat West Ham in the League Cup or something about 15 years ago. It never reopened. The Swan was one of these pubs that had been done up at great expense in the 80s, but hadn’t had a shilling spent on it since. It had Wrought iron spiral staircases, a balcony and dado rails and all that. It also had reinforced glass windows and a barmaid that looked like a young Bernard Bresslaw with a couple of MMA titles under his belt. To this day I’ve never seen destruction like it. Luckily it was on a week night and there was hardly anyone in (I didn’t see it until I was walking to the station the next day). Also, I never had any understanding of just how intense the hatred is between some London teams until I moved there. It’s a lot worse than it is ‘oop narth’!


Brilliant. :clap:t2:


Rangers are infinitely worse in my view, having lived in Glasgow in an orange area. The both-sides stereotype is a bit lazy and comes from outwith Glasgow. You get the odd silly IRA song from Celtic fans, but with Orangeman/loyalists it’s full on bigotry, anti-catholicism, staunch right wing unionism and a fair bit of racism. The Orange Walk - which I would never suggest all Rangers fans subscribe to obviously - is like our equivalent of a KKK rally. Extreme and horrible. The sectarianism isn’t two ways in a strict sense - have never encountered (or experienced) “anti-protestant” bigotry from a Celtic fan. When I used to go to Livingston games, Rangers fans tended to be a bit more aggressive as well, but both had some nasty characters.

The support Celtic fans showed (and continue to show in my experience) on Hillsborough, as well as the work they do on foodbanks/other anti-poverty cuases etc. is admirable. My gripe - and a key reason I could never support them - is I have pals who support them who are properly annoying and seem to think Celtic have a monopoly on ethics or passionate support, when they don’t come close to Liverpool. And they don’t sing YNWA as well!


Same here, I don’t really have strong negative feelings towards anyone. Football has always been more about enjoying the things I like, and then ignore the rest. I did develop a strong dislike for Mourinho when he was at Real Madrid, because of how he behaved, which also made me dislike Real. But I like them now under Zidane, so…

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Errrrr… so the 2018 Champions League final means nothing to you?


Obviously annoying there and then, but that wasn’t really a loss that stuck with me. It’s a final, anything can happen. Great if we win; but if we don’t, move on.

And no, I don’t start disliking a team just because they beat us :smile:

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