The Coffee Thread

Cheers. Somehow missed that or my memory is becoming sieve like.

Still, that routine seems to work for me. Treating my coffee as a little reward for the early gym visit.

I very nearly bought that exact same pot last week ( Well same brand at least.I’ve no idea whether a Mokka pot is any different to the others.) , but settled instead for the supermarket version at half the price. No complaints so far.

My lad said you can’t go wrong with this coffee producer, lots of choices :man_shrugging:


My favorite beverage in the for me, known universe ^-^

We don’t have a tea thread so I’m posting it here


If I offer to make tea, I’m making tea. If you want coffee make it your fucking self :wink:

#boundries :rofl:

It’s not Tea vs. Coffee. It’s the number of cups and varieties of tea you have to make.

Nice mug of strong, builders, Yorkshire Tea…


There is only 1 variety of tea - Yorkshire :wink:

I like the brand… Barry’s Tea - Puts all others to shame me thinks

Little story: Was doing a survey once at a house and the lady asked me would I like a cup/mug of tea… “Yes please, milk no sugar” I said.
Big mug of tea was brought out out to me in the front garden, not a biscuit in sight to go with it though… so as you do, muttering below my breath, tight bastard I said where are the Digestives… Anyway, halfway through the mug of tea that had no biscuits with it, the lady’s daughter walked through the front gate… She said to me… “You have got my Dad’s mug there - Did my mum give you that…”
So I shrugged and said “yeah your mum made the tea”… The daughter said… Don’t know why she gave you that one, its what he keeps his teeth in of a night…!!
She proceeded to go in the house and brought another mug out to me… “Give it here she said”… then poured what was left in my/her dads mug into this new mug and handed it to me…!
WTF… as though I was going to carry on drinking that eh
Unbelievable eh :0)

This reminds me of something that happened to me.

My very first real job was collecting unpaid rates and my patch included Formby which some will know as a really nice middle class suburb of Liverpool. It was a really hot day and I was standing by my car just making a quick note about my last call and this old guy approached me from his front garden. He said I looked hot and would I like a drink. I gratefully accepted his offer.

A couple of minutes passed and he emerged carrying… …a schooner of sherry… :confused:

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Yorkshire tea or Cheap shop brand coffe both black, easy as pie!

At work we have a coffee machine for the breakfast coffee that we fill with ‘fresh’ coffee beans. The machine grinds them and can make ‘American’ coffee, Espresso or double Espresso, I drink the double espesso all night. It’s not too bad.
We also have one of those modern capsule machines (Nespresso I think) coffee is disgusting yet my collegues say they prefer it.
Just goes to show people are fuckwits!

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