The Copa America thread

I can’t see them banning half the Uruguay team to be honest.

Yeah, and I can’t see a domestic ban standing up in court. Why should LFC suffer?
An international ban for Darwin looks inevitable, which is good news for us.

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Suarez ban from the 2014 WC got made worldwide.

Will depend a lot on if Conmebol decide to raise the ban with FIFA, or merely leave it for Conmebol sanctioned matches

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Bans for suspensions picked up because acts during the game do not cross from domestic to international or vice versa. Bans for this sort of extra curricular stuff typically do. Think Cantona’s attack on the fan, or even Suarez’s world cup bite of Chiellini


This was always going to happen. Surprised it took this long.

Both the US and CONMEBOL organization of the tournament was beyond disgraceful.

The pitches. The refereeing. Its been a clusterfuck…

Banning Nunez and others is simply making them scapegoats for much broader failures.

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Protecting your families is obviously fine. Trying to get them out of harms way and onto the field is probably where it should stop. Running into the crowd and squaring up with fans is not OK, even when families are involved. I imagine something is coming down the pipe, maybe the family side of it will reduce whatever ban he might get, but it could be a lengthy one. Can’t have players running amuck in the stands, even when the families are involved. They suspended NBA players a year for the malice in the palace way back when if anyone remembers that.

This doesn’t help at all…

Looking back at history, the worse is a 9 months ban for Eric Cantona’s infamous kungfu kick in the PL that extended to a worldwide ban. The lighter ones are the Eric Dier’s confrontation which led to a 4 match ban and Jamie Carragher’s throwing a coin back which led to a 3 match ban.

I wonder how long and wide-ranging will this ban be?

My early over/under line is 9 months, or effectively banning him from playing this season.

I think it is important to distinguish this from other incidents where players have attacked fans as that was not the primary issue here. Given that I hope the number of players involved and the excuse that they needed to intervene because security were not will mitigate the punishment. The issue for us is Darwin seemed to go way beyond what the other players were, both while in the mele and the thing with the chair.

Yeah unfortunately i think Darwin is made an example of here. Some others maybe a light slap on the wrist but Darwin all over internet throwing punches and chairs at fans, FIFA doesn’t really care about circumstance, only that they have good PR, and i think this one will be dealt with harshly.

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I’m giving Luis the benefit of the doubt. He’s no previous.

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He was leaning in to wish Colombia good luck in the final. Complete non-story


Puts pressure on the US for the organization of the World Cup. :+1:t4:

Will the north and middle American nations play in the Copa America again in the future or was this a one off?


CONMEBOL only has 10 teams and that’s a crap number to organize a tournament around. Back in the day they tried different versions including 2 groups of 5, or 3 groups of 3 and holder getting a bye, but they were all funky so going back to the 90s started handing out invites to make up the numbers to 12 or 16.

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So either scrap them and merge with Concacaf to make 1 or do a 4 team round robin style final series if they insist on staying such a small piss-ant federation

Believe it or not but CONCACAF has 41 nations. Merging it with South America would mean that many nations would never get the chance to qualify for a tournament.

Asia has 47, so a combined federation having 51 is not overly different. It is workable.

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That’s not the point.

Panama (which is actually bordered by Colombia) reached the semi final of the Gold Cup last year. They wouldn’t stand a chance against the South American nations. So why should they join them?

Haiti, Honduras, Guadaloupe, Cuba, El Salvador, Martinuqe, St. Kitts and Nevis - participated in the Gold Cup last year. They’d surely get battered against all the South American teams. Why should they join?

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i feel like i need a holiday all of a sudden