The Football Manager thread

Put all your tips, tactical changes, complaints, wonder kids, etc here…

I thought our new FM thread could start with a little game I call Football Manager Bingo. There are two versions of this I have created- one is for events in individual matches and the other is for things which happen over the course of a season.

The match version is this: during the course of one match, have you ever had these happen to you?

Opponent scores with their first shot
You hit ten shots and still haven’t scored
You have a goal disallowed
You have a player sent off
You miss a penalty

If you achieve (suffer?) all five in the course of one match… Bingo! You will receive a prize. I haven’t decided what it will be as yet but it’ll probably involve @Alright_Now in some way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Currently starting my 4th season at Khoromkhon in the footballing paradise that is Mongolia.

Started with no badges, no sunday league reputation and managed to get promotion first season. 2nd season was consolidation, ensuring not to get relegated and had a good cup run losing the final which saw us finish the season posting a slight profit. 3rd season was a bottle job in the league after being 6 points ahead of 2nd with 3 games to go, we ended up 3rd, but won the cup, so got a solid cash winfall and a trophey to boost my reputation, even if it is still yet to get to 1 star.

Toying with a change in formation for the new season as I have a few young strikers coming through and struggle to get them all game time with my current 4-1-1-3-1 formation so looking at a standard 4-4-fucking-2

I see that FM21 is being released on 24th November and is currently available to pre-order for £35.99.

I think I’ll offer £8.75 and see what they say.


There’s a good chance it will be released as well on Game Pass for PC, like FM20 was, so could be worth waiting to see.

Mind you, the last few have been released in a terrible state and it’s taken a number of patches to improve them, so I’ll probably wait a while even then.

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FM21 is quietly going to be launched later this month. Not sure whether I am going to buy it. I have bought it every single edition since it started off as Championship Manager…but its getting abit tired…

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Downloaded the new FM21 Mobile version… some of our player ratings are a joke. Milner is still our highest rated central midfielder and Thiago is given 3.5 stars. :joy:

Honestly, who comes up with these ratings? :thinking:

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I heard a while back the devs are Evertonians, maybe it’s true!

Myles is a Watford fan.

I know Everton set up a deal years ago with SI to be given access to their scouting data. Majority of teams in UK now use them for some scouting as they are normally pretty accurate, but for some reason they always undervalue Liverpool players.

Wonder how VAR is in this… Piss yourself off twice :smiley:

It’s very realistic- we get as many disallowed goals as legitimate ones.

Doesn’t seem to happen to our opponents for some reason. :thinking:

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You can blame me for Liverpool’s bad marks. A few years ago the guy who did the research for Liverpool players was quitting because of time constraints and he asked me if I would take over the duties but at the time I was on the verge of entering Sandhurst and thought there wouldn’t be enough time for myself either so I passed on it.

Whoever did take over is clearly useless.

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And it sucks the enjoyment of scoring goals, and adds to the dread when reviewing an incident for a penalty… Reminiscent of real life.

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For the last couple of seasons, I’ve never really had a tactic using a Mezzala, but am currently looking at trying to build a double Mezzala in a midfield 3. Currently it looks like this

Sweeper Keeper (S)

BPD (D) ----- BPD (D)

Wingback (S) ---------------------------------------------- Wingback (S)

Mez (A) ----- DLP (S) ----- Mez (A)

IF (A) ----------------------------------------------------------IF (A)

F9 (S)

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions welcome.

1 concearn I do have looking at the set up is the 2 CBs getting left alone and being overloaded, so thinking of dropping the DLP into the DM spot, but my worry with that is the midfield getting overrun with 2 mezzala that will look to be taking up those slightly more advanced spots linking the IFs and the WBs