The Great TAN piss-up aka drink of choice

So, I was a member of another forum many years ago (non LFC / football) and there was a yearly meet-up for a few beers. It was always great fun and never any trouble.

However, there were significantly less “strong disagreements” on that forum… which got me thinking… if there was a TAN social event… how do you think it would end?

  • A merry rendition of YNWA
  • A massive punch up
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I’m in the pub now. You’re all welcome


Shouldnt there be a third option - both :rofl:

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I bet you are sitting alone at a table, just as you like it … :sunglasses:

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Both of the above

Depends on the ale…if it was a Newcastle brown Pub…?

For multiple choice answers there’s usually a fourth option; none of the above. :grinning:
Seriously, if pub meet is organised, can faraway menbers join in virtually, via Zoom or Skype?

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3rd option, me and @Klopptimist pissing ourselves laughing at each other! :rofl:

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I think we’d all get on fabulously. I’m really just a cute little pussycat in real life.

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I’m up for it as long as you know who doesn’t get invited…and that other guy…oh and that bolshy MOD…and oh dear what if thingy turns up.


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The way to do it would be to pick a pub and meet at a time. Critically, nobody introduces themselves, we all have to guess who’s who.

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I think a few would be at a distinct disadvantage in trying to conceal their identity. :rofl:

Of course and if we disagree with anything you say… laptop closed :rofl:

No problem. I intend to basically observe the going-ons and raise my can of beer to cheer every now and then. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to do this over lockdown, little interest.

In fairness, that could be because it was me asking.

the guy standing in the middle of the crowd arguing black is white

i already know who that is! :wink:

Why don’t we start with that. The timing could be a hurdle, but we can pick a time that’s least awkward for all of us.

There’s no such thing as least awkward time. Working for a US company taught me that