The greatest athletic accomplishments you’ve attended

Thought this might be a fun one since many of you have lived across different times and geographies (in @cynicaloldgit’s case the roaring twenties).

What are the greatest athletic achievements you have witnessed while in the stands (let’s try and keep away from those that are emotional attachments and focus instead on actual feats):

In my case:

Red Sox Jon Lester no-hitter vs Royals at Fenway, 2008

A’s Eric Byrne hits for cycle vs Giants, 2003

Michael Jordan 36 vs Knicks, 1997

Tiger Woods winning the US Open at Pebble, 2000

Andrew Luck and Shayne Skov vs Va Tech, Orange Bowl 2011 (at that precise moment, this was the greatest college football team ever despite what @Arminius thinks)

Nick Robinson buzzer beater to lead Stanford over Arizona basketball, 2004

Graf winning the US Open in a thrilling three sets over Seles, 1995

Jeanette Pohlen’s 31 to end UConn’s 90 game hoops winning streak in 2010

Shaqiri scoring twice to have Mourinho sacked, 2018 (okay this one is an emotional one maybe, maybe not, but since I have not been fortunate enough to watch my Reds like some of you, I’m counting it. Plus it’s my thread).

Can’t wait to hear your tales.

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Nothing wrong with basketball, must be midgets being jealous.


Not exactly witnessed. But me and my buddies were glued to radio when Bangladesh qualified for our first World Cup. It’s Cricket World Cup, in case anyone needs clarifying.


Shaquille O’Neal, LSU versus Duke in Cameron Stadium, 1990-91 sometime. Duke won going away, but O’Neal was awesome to see, I was third row from the floor. There was a play where O’Neal was high post, at the corner of the key, back to the basket. Duke had two 6’10" players, Christian Laettner and Crawford Palmer, and they doubled him every time he got the ball anywhere close to the basket. One on each side of him, preventing him from turning, and there was this moment when he realized that straight back was clear.

He took one long step backward, covering half the key, and threw the ball down the hoop behind his head without turning. The Duke crowd simply gasped, and then the entire stadium rose to their feet clapping, applauding one of those moments you did not believe was possible.

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Something a bit different. For perseverance and a true “never say die” spirit, this was hard to beat.

And I was gutted, as I backed the second!

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Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona.

It was alright.


Catch me if you can…

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A game I’ll never forget.

Barca needed a win to reach the CL I believe.

Rivaldo completed his Hattrick with a overhead from outside the box.


Any body driving in the World Rally Championship events, especially in the glory days of Group B.

Next would be the duel between Gilles Villenueve vs Rene Arnoux at Dijon in 1979.

Edit: Oops, I did not attend any of the above events. I need to read the title a bit more carefully.


Ireland reach the qfs of Italia 90 at the Luigi Ferraris stadium in Genoa after a penalty shoot out against Romania. Don’t remember much after it for a few days though.


Thought of another one, Game 3 Montreal versus NY Rangers, overtime. Montreal’s starting goalie injured with 3 games left in the regular season, forcing Montreal to play a young unknown in net. Patrick Roy would be a ‘rookie’ the following season. Game 3 in New York, the Rangers absolutely dominate Montreal in the overtime period.


When I managed my 1st roly poly then that one time I balanced on my hands then took 3 ‘steps’ deliberately and 2 more uncontrolled ones before falling over.
Also Aberdeen beating Rangers 10-9 on penalties. Theo Snelders legend!


was at the champs league final at Hampden in 2002,

Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen,

featuring some of the best players in the world at the time,


Zidane scored that goal to win it!

Pity I never saw that much of the game tho, as I working in a bar in the VIP area,
and only saw bits of the game on a TV in the bar area!

Met Alex Miller tho!


Not much to choose from.

On the Kop when we beat Barca 4-0.

Cost me an arm and a leg, didn’t think I’d go (I was there for the Wolves game initially), but it was just priceless.


That might rate as top of my ‘if there was one game I could of’ list. I have had a good 3-beer conversation with a fellow fan weighing out whether we would have traded seeing that one for Istanbul or not.

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I’m being honest here, I’d still pick Istanbul.

I’m the same Liverpool fan far away in Croatia in front of TV or at Anfield/wherever.

To this day, nothing can beat how I felt when Smicer scored in Istanbul.

Maybe also because I was 14 then, that also plays a part. But my passion is basically the same, so I have no problems with still picking Istanbul as the obvious one.



I watched a very quick Ronnie O Sullivan 147. If I’m honest that’s probably it.

You could class staging the first MLB games in the UK as an achievement.

Also I saw Lancashire win the county championship a few years ago.


Liverpool FC 4-0 FC Barcelona


Wales 32 - England 31 at Wembley.

Scott Gibbs scoring right in front of me to basically win the game. So many memories from that weekend with that being the pinnacle of it.

Millennium Stadium opening in Cardiff was also pretty special.