The Inequality Thread

This might not be exactly the same situation but when we are doing standup comedy, thats precisely the problem we face, is that “you are not supposed to punch down, but punching up is ok” but to another group of us, we believe that comedy is comedy, there was this comedian who was Muslim and he was making jokes all night about Islam and his own Malay race and of course the Chinese but then a Chinese comedian went up and started also making jokes about the Malays, he actually complained to the organizer that "the chinese guy is in no position to be making jokes about Malays when they are enjoying the chinese privilege in Singapore’. He was banned by the organizer (who is a black british guy just for the record) from all future events.

There are millions of things in the world to make jokes about. Why do people just concentrate on cultural differences? It’s totally boring after a while.


Of course, but every jokes if crafted well, as long its funny, it does not matter what you do. Comedians all have different styles, and of course audiences will like who they like, just like you have a preferred movie genre, musical style etc. I started to appreciate stand up comedy only when I started doing it. I use to think its just going up to stage and tell all the nonsense that you have been telling your friends. But crafting a joke to the point that strangers will laugh at is an art and that is why I do not believe that there should be boundaries. If someone wants to go up and make jokes about controversial topics, so be it, if it is more offensive than funny, the crowd will make it known. Like recently, we hear so many jokes about the Israel/Palestine war. Some managed to craft a humourous context while some despicably just tag onto the current trending topics and delivered a monologue at a comedy show.

EDIT: and my previous post was more about why it was ok for the Muslim guy to make jokes about another race but when the other race make jokes about his race, he plays the victim.

This is such a bleak and cautionary tale that could be pretty much anywhere in the West. There is a feeling that people and place are left behind and the consequences are devastating!


What he describes is what I call permanent recession which is exactly what I’ve been saying most of my life.
Recession is when the wealth ‘returns’ to those ‘it belongs to’.
Class war is the only way and we shouldn’t wait until it’s just ‘under class’ vs rich. That only finishes one way!
They, the rich, will not hesitate to kill us!