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Islamophobia dressed up as secularism?


I was under the impression that Islam allows people to make up for the fasts later (especially in case of those who have to do physical work for a living).

Others can confirm this.

They can although I am not sure of the rules that allows for it. Over in Singapore, even if Muslims are the minorities, we are very careful to ensure that the rest of us do show some consideration for them during the day especially when we are eating and the Muslims here by and large appreciate the mutual respect we have. To the other extreme, we have neighbouring countries where the minority races in some schools were made to eat at hidden rooms in order not to “tempt” the Muslims. In fact in some places they have religious police going around catching Muslims who buy food before 3pm apparently.

As for France, I can understand they want to keep things secular but if it doesn’t affect the performance, why should not the players be allowed to fast and perform whatever obligations he feels the need to?

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I think the rule is that you can pay the equivalent of feeding 6 people for every day that you don’t keep the fast OR you can compensate for the fast at a later time.

If there’s flexibility within the rules, I don’t see why people have to be aggrieved.

But that said , the science on whether people lose performance when on fasts is unclear. Maybe they do in which case it is a disservice to the French team.

I would think the sports scientists within the French team have enough data with them to make such a decision.

I don’t want to speculate on neighbouring countries of India but in India , there’s nothing of that sort happening , even in areas where there’s a majority muslim population.

It’s a personal decision for people on whether to fast or not. Muslims are expected to fast and they largely do so.

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The fucking outrage if he’d pushed her.

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That is true, but he also seems to have a bit of form when it comes to bullying and abusing opposition players and officials, so there may well be more to this story

Aggression has a gender?

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Went to watch the supposed incident where Hayes accused Eidevall of confronting Erin, I do not see where is the aggression, not to say how she tries to make it a gender thing. They agreed on a One ball policy when the ball goes out of play, so Eidevall makes a fuss when Chelsea (who supposedly was the one who wanted the One Ball policy) uses another ball when the throw in was being taken. You can say Eidevall is a prick but how is insisting on following the agreed rules aggression? And from the video, it looks like the Chelsea player is the one confronting Eidevall because she is pissed of being having her throw in pulled back. So it rather looks like Hayes being a sore loser instead and trying to again make it a gender play again and trying to harness support to try to put Eidevall into trouble.


The future is bright

For most it isn’t like paying taxes, where you do it reluctantly and look for every loophole you can find. For many (most?) it is a deeply personal and spiritual experience and not a burden they are looking for a way out of. The fact there are some interpretations that would give them an exemption doesn’t mean that is their interpretation or that they should be forced into not fasting.

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Shocking lack of sensitivity from the Police

On BBC radio 4 there has just been a discussion about why Black and Asian people don’t feel welcome walking in the countryside.

One woman suggested that we should add a direction sign to Mecca alongside the normal footpath signs so Muslims will know which way to face when saying their prayers… when I go out rambling I take a compass and a map so I know where I am going…:thinking:

Within my very limited social circles, I’ve found that map-reading is a skill that’s evaporated with the advent of GPS in phones.

That said, I don’t know if there’s any particular requirements with regards to determining the directions to Mecca? Probably not, but just to cover all bases…

The discussion itself is quite valid tohugh.

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I don’t know when it happened, that people expected society to compensate for their shortcomings…

we were taught as kids how to use a compass, a matchstick and the sun to tell direction…

I spend lots of time walking in the countryside, and I always see Black and Asian people. I’ve always felt walking has a social levelling aspect to it.

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you’d probably quite like the dyke system north of my home. dozens of KM of walking paths on the tops of the dykes with views of the mountains in the backgrounds. other than the smell of manure in the spring as the farmers tend to their fields, it’s quite relaxing


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There is actually apps for the qibla compass for specific directions to Mecca.


Agreed - Mark your calendar :grinning:

Obviously someone looking for something to be offended by which doesn’t even exist.

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Went for a walk round Sherwood Forest today. Not that many people around, which surprising for school holidays. Walked past at least three Asian families.