The Middle East Thread

Biden’s appearances and messages have become really comical. He keeps mumbling something along the line that Israel has to ensure safe passage and allow aids to reach the Gazans while even his allies (Egypt and Jordan) are just freaking out.

He has an essentially impossible political problem. The Senate just voted to support more aid for Israel, sending precisely the opposite signal while his Administration is trying to broker a ceasefire to prevent the attack into Rafah. Netanyahu can essentially choose which ear he wishes to listen with.

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The headline/title is misleading. The story is mostly about diversity and discrimination.

yeah. Israel needs more aid.

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It really infuriates me when people mentions safe passage or humanitarian corridor. Meanwhile…

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And the answer they will come to is that Zionism can never again be privileged and aloud to run amok shutting down any criticism claiming ‘anti-semitism’.


117,000/km :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

WTH does Mawasi mean? Beach? It is basically a strip between a coastal road, and another parallel road.

I thought for a second it was a map of the entire Gaza area.

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מטוסי קרב של צה"ל החלו בגל תקיפות נרחב בשטח לבנון, פרטים נוספים בהמשך.

— דובר צה״ל דניאל הגרי - Daniel Hagari (@IDFSpokesperson) February 14, 2024

IDF fighter jets began an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory, more details later.

It’s really scary when an Israeli uses the word extensive

I heard a UN official say this morning that the area they are talking about wouldn’t be big enough to take all the displaced people even if they were all standing next to each other.


That is nonsense, and not useful hyperbole. There are a million square meters in a single km2, and people take up about 1 m2.

The more relevant point is that people packed that densely cannot possibly be sustained at a tenth of that density - not in terms of acceptable living conditions, but the simple logistics of basic needs.

Seriously dudes :man_facepalming:

He was obviously exaggerating , but he did do a good of exposing the absurdity of the proposition.


Some real nutcases blockading the (trickle of) aids going into Gaza. I can see how/why entities like Hamas can gain traction among the Palestinians.


The discourse is out in the open now.

Egypt really is in a horrific position. Any weakening on their resolve to hold their border simply encourages the hard-settler element in the Netanyahu government that the full evacuation of Rafah is possible. But that resolve entails allowing an unsustainable concentration of civilians right on their doorstep.

I do think there’s an agreement in place between Egypt and Israel / USA on this.

They are just waiting for probably the correct time for Egypt to accept such a move. Sisi has to manage his countrymen first.

Israeli military says it has ‘credible intelligence’ that Hamas held hostages at Nasser hospital

Yeah right :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: