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I meant more of Gantz supporting war as well. No Israeli politician is going to be anti war

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Just look at the distances between the cars, it was a search and destroy operation.


Of course not. You can’t gain prominence in Israel by being anti war. I think only 25% of the Israelis are anti war and 21% of them are Palestinians/Arab. Gantz hitched his wagon with Netanyahu and the fact that he is eager for a divorce means he has a sinking feeling.

And who is causing this? Israel and the disgusting worldwide Zionist terrorists who support it and go further attacking anyone who tries to stand up for innocent Palestinians. When you commit or support and enable genocide you deserve and should expect hatred.

And 30 years later in Gaza too

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Poland hands Israeli ambassador protest note over Gaza deaths

Adam Easton, Warsaw Correspondent

Poland’s foreign ministry has handed a diplomatic note of protest to Israel’s ambassador following the deaths in Gaza of seven people, including a Polish citizen, in the Israeli strike on an aid convoy on Monday.

Deputy defence minister Andrzej Szejna has said that the ambassador, Yacov Livne, has apologised for the deaths of the World Central Kitchen workers, including 35-year-old Pole Damian Soból, during a meeting on Friday at the foreign ministry.

He says the ambassador will not be expelled from the country.

Livne has been heavily criticised for his reaction to their deaths. He has repeatedly expressed Israel’s deep regret for the attack but has rejected accusations the attack constituted a war crime.

The ambassador has accused Poland’s far-right deputy parliamentary speaker, Krzysztof Bosak, of being an antisemite for making such an accusation.

Polish President Andrzej Duda has called the ambassador the biggest problem for the two countries’ relations.

Szejna says Poland expects Israel to conduct a transparent investigation into the attack and pay compensation to Soból’s family.

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This ‘anti-semitism’ line is typical of these Zionist terrorism cheerleaders.

It is a minor point against the wider human catastrophe, but someone, somewhere, needs to do some PR on instructing the public what a Semite is.

All too often Israel commits war crimes and then accuses those who object of being antisemitic. Since people don’t want to be labeled antisemitic, and it is such a charged accusation, it seems that Israel almost has carte blanche to continue to do whatever it likes.

Let’s look a little deeper then.

The Palestinians are Semites!

The name comes from the word Sēm (Shem) who was the son of Noah, from whom Semitic people, including the Palestinians, are traditionally supposed to be descended. It’s also an old fashioned linguistic term for people who speak one of the Semitic languages of the region.

I know this is small potatoes in relation to the wider human tragedy that is unfolding, but Israel itself it being antisemitic in its treatment of Palestinians.


To be fair, Bosak is in fact quite demonstrably anti-Semitic and has been for years.

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There is. The Leahy rule is even broader than this and requires only credible accusations of human rights violations. They dont require the ICC making declarations, the process has them literally doing google searches to see there are any positive hits on accusations When it comes to Israel I don’t think it’s so much that it gets ignored, but the context in which Washington views Israel means they just cannot see any of Israel’s actions as meeting these criteria.

Israel has been acting with impunity in these sorts of areas of decades. They don’t even need plausible deniable, as they deny the undeniable and not only do those responsible rarely if ever suffer consequences for it, but Isreal will always move on to the next day with their credibility intact meaning the next time they bomb a hospital the general consensus will be “the IDF does not purposefully bomb hospitals”.

We collectively treat the Wrath of God operation in the 70s against Black September as this noble heroic mission yet it was full of innocent people getting killed and Isreal responding with a “fuck you, what are you going to do about it?” response. They killed one of the fucking Gypsy Kings for fuck sake mistaking him for a ring leader of the operation and fought tooth and nail to deny their responsibility for it and protect their people involved. They conduct these operations today because they’ve had 40 years of international cover for doing it. The people now conducting these acts have never known a different way to operate


His brother you mean, years before the band was formed. Did a double take before remembering that connection to the Lillehammer affair.

Why do they keep claiming presence of gunman or the vehicles belonged to Hamas in an area they themselves claimed to have been cleared of Hamas combatants weeks ago?

Yeah, Ahmed Bouchikhi in Lillehammer. He was only a no name waiter at the time, but with the subsequent fame of Chico it is a mistake, an assassination of an innocent, that gains increased focus and yet still all we ever hear is the heroic acts of tv and movies.

When Mossad finally found the real Salameh near a decade later in Lebanon were they more cautious, aware of the negative consequences of more innocents dying in their attempt to get this guy? No, they used a car bomb that killed about ten and maimed many others.


After nearly six months of deaths and devastations, I have two issues regarding the coverage of the war. First, I miss Robert Fisk. Secondly, there’s rarely, if ever, any Palestinian representation (I follow Guardian, France 24, DW, CBC, and ABC) in the news, analysis, and debates.


The last paragraph made me chuckle :man_facepalming:

So, no, there are no winners in this dreadful war. But Hamas can enjoy a wicked smile of satisfaction: it laid a deadly trap – and Benjamin Netanyahu led Israel right into it.

This part is telling :cry:

Some in Israel will hope the current outrage is narrowly focused on Monday’s appalling incident. But that’s not quite right. For one thing, the conduct that led to those seven deaths is hardly a one-off – it’s just that until now the victims were Palestinian.


That’s because of the hounding of any alternative perspectives by the Zionist terrorism supporters and their shrills. The Israeli lobby around the world is a cancer.

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That cunt Johnson has come out in defence of arms sales to Israel.

If any further confirmation of his deplorability was needed, there ya go.


Barring the Muslims from praying at the Al Aqsa on the last Friday of Ramadan is just atrocious.

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I’ll note that while we are waiting for the Iranian retaliatory strike, I hope everyone is aware that we are in the middle of an escalatory dynamic seperate from Gaza and with potential far reaching consequences far worse than Gaza. Unlikely it will escalate that far, but Iran is currently calibrating it’s response, and it is likely they will strike Israel directly in an attempt to restore deterrence. They will want to calibrate to avoid triggering a dynamic that must lead to all out war (which is why this is taking time, as they are using the funeral as an excuse to carefully consider how and when to strike), but “must” is not the same word as “may”. It is a theoretical that Likud-led gov may thankfully recieve and Iranian ballistical missile strike and use it to strike nuclear program and more. US will then be forced into it most likely and probably directly participate.

I am not saying this is going to happen, but be aware, there is not insignificant chance of conflageration after Iran’s retaliation, depending on damage and ISR politics…

Ps. Iran may choose proxies, but unlikely such a response would restore deterrence, so various analysis and rumours coming out of Iran is direct iranian military response from the Iranian state. We know they can do it, when Soleimani got assassinated, they risked war with Trump, using ballistic missiles though calibrated and choreagraphed in a manner designed to not kill many US troops and force war.