The Music Thread

Awful. Jerry Lee means quite lot to me. Never mind Elvis, the three kings of rock 'n roll are Chuck berry, Jerry Lee and Gene Vincent.
Here’s Jerry Lee driving 'em crazy on Granada TV (I think) back in 1964. Talk about being in touch with your audience.


Not even seen if I had my way!

Two songs by The Fall which showcase the enigma that was Mark E. Smith. The first from 1981 , Lie Dream of a Casino Soul , ostensibly a rant about the Northern Soul scene , but more likely an examination of amphetamine psychosis , along with the immortal line ; 'Got no nerves left Monday morning and I think I’ll cut my dick off.)

The second , only six years later , a cover version of the Northern Soul (Tamla Motown) classic , There’s A Ghost In My House.

Go figure.


I recently listened to National Express after some years, and played it for my son as we drove along in the car. I had no idea about the deeper meaning, per video, and electro convulsive therapy at the end. Wowsers.

it’s too bad he was a pedophile.

Used to care. Times have a’changed.


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