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That took a while to get going then got stuck, vinyl with a nasty scratch or someone playing with the repeat button. Disappointing!

Jalopy blues from a town called Helena (the name of my very first girlfriend), in Arkansas (never met a girl called Arkansas); apparently, the place to be if you like fat women (and who doesn’t?).
This fella was told by his ma he’d better quit guitar or he’d catch the devil. He caught polio instead, at ten years old, and it fucked up his hands, but he turned his guitar upside down and learnt to play with a butter knife against the frets.
Robert Palmer, an asshole critic for the NY Times (all critics are assholes, but especially if they work for the NY Times), described the resulting noise as: ‘a welter of metal-stress harmonic transients and a singular tonal plasticity’.
I don’t know what that means, but tis a strange and beautiful record.

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I didn’t know that Liam “working class people don’t read books” Gallagher provided “backing vocals and hand-claps” for this song. Presumably Liam walked into the studio and became so excited and so overwhelmed, surrounded by genuine talent for the first time in his life, that he just started clapping his hands together like an idiot child. Stupid Manc prick.

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A friend of mine’s band just released their first single, posting it here to plug them :grin:

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Killer Mike (the black dude from Run The Jewels) , possibly the first person ever to pick up a Grammy and then leave the awards ceremony in handcuffs , lol. (Allegedly for pushing over some over zealous security guard.)

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don’t throw that one into the Inequality thread and let @Limiescouse see it.

So much for hating scousers, eh?

Anyhow, here’s the highly underrated Bill Nelson and his wonderful guitar sound.

Damo Suzuki , lead singer of Can died today aged 74. Those of you familiar with his work might be surprised to discover that he also had the honour of having a song named after him by The Fall.

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Damo was a fucking strange fella. No interest at all in whatever way the wind might be blowing that day.



‘Ain’t got no time for Western lesson , I am Damo Suzuki.’ :wink:

For those who like jazzy French stuff , it would appear that Django Reinhardt is not entirely dead …

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And the real thing …

that sounds like the influences of a band called Postmodern Jukebox which I will listen to, from time to time

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That’s really rather good. There is a whole subgenre of swing covers of more modern songs.

This is a similar idea covering Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades:

This is actually just a continuation of a long Jazz tradition of reinterpretation. Louis Armstong constantly reinterpreted show tunes and one of my favourite Jazz alums is John Coltranes “Favourite Things” which takes popular songs from musicals (the title track is from The Sound Of Music) and takes them on a musical stream of consciousness.

I’m constantly tidying up around here…

Your links are dead! :see_no_evil:

Yeah, dead good. I know. Thank you.

They have suddenly appeared! :+1: