The Music Thread

Yeah. I’m not that surprised it’s fairly good at imitation tbh. If this stuff starts coming up with really original and creative (or even just really good) stuff though…




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There’s a band somewhere in Finland preparing a copyright infringement letter directed to you right now…

But you know what’s the greatest thing about this song? That it pronounces my name in my local accent, as opposed to the pronunciation that is widely accepted in former Yugoslavian countries’ languages. And for that, I can’t thank you enough! :joy:


Bloody hell, I’m tempted to make an account on this site, what am I doing…?!

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I don’t know anything about drums, but this kid does!


It does sound like a bit like one of those Eurovision ‘heavy’ entries. Also love that AI couldn’t find rhymes to go with your name and just ended with -a . And at some point computer dude just goes Ricola, Ricola, Ricola…

Endless fun. You can just feed the prompt a few inside joke lines and harrass all your mates with custom songs. Only takes a few seconds.


I found another hidden gem in the Northern Soul treasure chest.

What a song and singer!


I seen this kid on tv the other day,great soulful voice and one to keep an ear out for in the future (if this is your thing)

I’d never actually heard that song with lyrics before. Being a bit of a Northern afficionado , the only version I knew was the Ramsey Lewis instrumental from 1966.

My interest piqued , a quick look at Wiki threw up a very interesting history of the song. Cheers !


Very interesting history behind the song. Thanks for this. It is nice to know the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

Do you mean this version?

I never heard of Marlene Wade before a few weeks ago. I heard she was a great Jazz singer too and sang with great Jazz artists of the 1960s. She only passed away recently :pray:

Then… when you mentioned Lewis, I only
heard the Lewis version a couple of days ago. The instrumental version is fantastic.

Was that the original version?

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Yep…it’s Sunday morning…and the songs are blaring out…

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I’d always assumed it was. The copy I had was on Chess , blue label , no vocals.

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Some records still give me the shivers. This Northern Soul classic is one of them.

Summer’s here … time to dust off the opium pipe and hit the countryside.