The Music Thread

Yeah: no kind.

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I’m currently watching Beat-Club, the old Radio Bremen music programme, which is on my TV package at the moment.

The early shows are quite interesting as there are lots of the lesser remembered Merseybeat bands featured who were still playing the Hamburg scene at the time.

Anyway, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch were on, who I always recall being standard 60s pop. However, they did this which was remarkably Metal for 1966:


Mass-market commercialism: aim for the lowest common denominator.

I’m off to listen to some Monteverdi.

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Is she on Tiktok?

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That’s only because you cannot hear Taylor and Gaga

Went to see Simple Minds in Pula on Wednesday.

My first time seeing them live, incredible gig! Now I understand even more what my dad told me when he played their vinyls and stories about seeing them live back in the 80’s.

Sang my heart out, danced and moved, was in tears of mixed emotions for the last half an hour, like a little bitch. This is what music does to us I guess, combined with memories of people, moments and never taking for granted what you’re witnessing now.

Incredible band, incredible music, incredible live performance, incredible venue (Roman amphitheatre) incredibly likeable also (especially Jim and Charlie, get the feeling that they’re very “normal”).

I absolutely need to see them again and multiple times in the future. Hope they’re back on tour next year, I don’t care if it’s in Croatia or somewhere nearby.

They got excellent reviews from fans and media. It also seems like they liked the reception, writing that they hope to be back in these parts of both Italy and Croatia next summer.

This is phenomenally said, the whole paragraph and especially: “Simple Minds, the hope of an entire generation, the smile.”

Exactly how I felt that night.


I’ve seen them live at least once every decade since the 80s. Top band.

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A real oddity here ; Manchester punk band Slaughter and the Dogs with a cover of the Franki Valli / Northern Soul standard You’re Ready Now with some incredible footage from the golden age of hooliganism , Leeds v Utd 1975.


seeing the Skatalites tonight. Buzzing. Famed for their cover of the guns of navarone


Anyone else get to see Liam Gallagher touring Definitely Maybe? Was a proper good old fashioned rock gig.

One of Jaques Brel’s more disturbing songs here , brilliantly covered first by Scott Walker , with lyrics , and then a live rendition from the man himself.

This song is still popular after many years in the midfle east and asia. Played at weddings, road trips, birthdays, parties, middle eastern restaurants etc. Everyone usually gets up and joins in the dance and attempt to sing (albeit atrociously).

It kind of has a Spanishy-flamenco-North African feel to it.

My favourite ska band, grew listening to them. Their live shows were on another level and Terry and the boys managed always managed to alter the melodies and introduce their songs in a different style. I loved them more in a live setting. They always got the audience in dancing in a frenzy.
Rest in Power Terry Hall and John Bradbury. Your music lives on.


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