The Music Thread

By way of explanation why , this recent track (and a most welcome return to form ) sees Van duetting with Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers.)

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Rammstein have put a new video out. Possibly not everyone’s thing but the credits at the end of the video are insane. I’ve seen less credits on a Hollywood blockbuster.

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first there was Stairway to Heaven - 1971

Then, there was November Rain - 1992

are there more rock songs of a similar style? it’s pissing rain here today (normal for season) and it reminded me of this song. 12months ago, we had a MASSIVE flood here that cut off the city from rest of Canada for 3-4 weeks.

Do you mean slow building songs with a big guitar solo at the end?

Freebird and Hotel California spring immediately to mind.

more of that Rock opera feel. Longer songs, big crescendo, bit of a storyline to the lyrics. usually sombre in mood. I dunno, a vibe for lack of a better term?

Possibly some of the stuff on Metallica’s Black Album. Nothing Else Matters for example?

Something like this ?

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Long, crescendo, storyline? You called for the Boss and the Big Man…

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Somebody to Love?

The nights are drawing in and frosty mornings , so here’s a little something to warm the cockles of your heart.


Your post reminded me of this version of the Joni Mitchell song.
Just beautiful.

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just had a flashback of Denis Leary…

lol … I’d never seen that before.

Any chance that @cynicaloldgit could be tempted to run a Greatest Christmas Song?
If not does anyone else fancy launching it?
I would do it myself, but I have the techno skills of a dead donkey and would not know where to start.

No, because they’re all wank.

Except for the Fairytale of New York, obviously.



And this one ;

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