The Music Thread

Can anyone help as this has been bugging me all weekend.

There is a piece of music that is often used in UK police dramas and thrillers that is used to build tension towards the end when the hero is about to uncover the killer of the protagonists are running to safety.

It’s an alternative rock instrumental that I think was from the late 1990s or early 2000s and consists of two notes played on a clean sounding electric guitar and a constant bass line that changes throughout. The tune then builds with other instrumentation to a climax.

I heard this on the radio the other day but it cut out to a traffic report before I could find out what it was. It’s very well known but I can’t think for the life of me what it is.

Do you know which radio station? Sometimes you can see playlists from them, and they tend to play the same songs quite often.

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I tried that but they didn’t list it.

Lots of stuff comes up if google some clues…

Stock Music result for Film & Soundtrack: Danger, Tension, Threatening, Action pending underscores -

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I’m pretty sure it’s by a fairly well known rock act. I was thinking it was Snow Patrol but I can’t find anything that matches.

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Intervention from my wife! Apparently the tune on the radio was from the film 28 Days (or Weeks) later.

However I’m sure that there is something similar that was released by a major act around 20 years ago. Naturally, that will keep on bugging me!


Tonights gig is a bit different from my usual ones; seeing Franc Moody

For some reason that puts me slightly in mind of Mezzanine, which would fit the age you’re suggesting.

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I see what you mean.

This is an oddball find:

Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra - Shish-Kebab

I can remember my rather having this as a 78rpm single nestled somewhere in amongst his Rock ‘n’ Roll singles. I always assumed that he bought these old 78s when he was out in the far East during the Korean War. Judging from the release date it must have been later.

The odd thing is, I always remember this being traditionally middle eastern sounding but it’s not that far off the Pick Of The Pops theme music.

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I was actually surprised to discover that he was still alive.

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I know what you mean. For a time they were one of the greatest bands on earth.
Sly was an absolute genius.
Tragic story, but I can’t wait for the book.

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You’re not thinking of ‘Just’ by Radiohead are you? That has a similarly frantic guitar motif in it :slight_smile:

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No, although, oddly enough, Street Spirit from the same album has exactly the same guitar motif that I was thinking of.

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And by guitar motif I basically mean riff. I was being a bit pretentious there.