The Owners - FSG

I could foresee them investing in a Premier League club with an initial minority investment with gradual increase in stake that corresponds with an unwinding of their interest in PSG.

QSI have fallen out with the city of Paris over the stadium. I forget the details but they have decided to walk away from the city owned Parc de Prince once their current lease ends (I think next season) because of disagreements over how to run it. I dont know what their immediate or longer term plan, but if it involves building a new stadium or putting money into a rennovation of an existing one you;d think that would be an indication of their commitment to PSG. If they are content to play in a different subpar stadium then that could be a sign of being willing to go somewhere else


Yes, I believe they’ve been upset with the local mayor over her unwillingness to sell the Parc des Princes to them. My guess is that there is a fundamental difference in valuation, and PSG do not want to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a stadium they do not own.

Certainly, owning Anfield would be quite enticing to them. But it would probably take time for them to sell PSG. So any transfer of ownership would have to be gradual in nature - over a series of years.


It’s difficult to see the Mayor’s argument IMO. The stadium isnt used for much anymore other than PSG games. Certainly no regular source of revenue or services it is supposed to provide. We have one such legacy stadium in Orlando (Citrus bowl that hosted world cup games in 94) and it’s now a drain on city resources. It’s not like PSG dont have options, with Stade De France being up for sale.


FSG going to fire Klopp if they don’t draw the Brighton game. They specifically ordered him to get a replay for the extra revenue.

Where’s the replay money Jo… oh wait.

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Extremely disappointed in our owners, we for sure need reinforcement in midfield and nobody is coming…

What a waste of time this season will be. :pensive:

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I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t say the last bit.

It’s painfully not.


Very disappointing indeed but nothing new, time after time they’ve failed the manager when we were in desperate need. No doubt they’ve done their fair share of good for the club but the time for change is now…we simply cannot afford to fall back into mediocrity for years and years and the signs are all there for that to transpire. Are we as fans supposed to sit back and let the team rot away for the rest of the season?

Be nice if we saw a bit of honesty really, we aren’t spending because we are selling not this chicken and egg game for an entire window.

Klopp could also be a bit more honest, even if you want to blame injuries.


“It’s all good with this squad” might be Klopp’s way of saying, with a tip of the hat to Rafa, that he is getting on with “coaching and training my team.”

I’m as certain as can be that if the money was there now, Klopp would be looking to strengthen midfield.

Either the players are not available (likely partially, but not entirely true) or the owners have us in a holding pattern (which in truth is going backwards, as you can’t stand still in this game) until we are sold.

I can see the fsg fans bigging up the Europa conference league in the near future.

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Who are the “FSG fans”?


Those who aren’t butthurt by not having the latest toys, probably.

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The Europe Conference is a strict no no, that would be the ultimate embarrassment.

Could you imagine one of the biggest clubs in the world in a group with trips to Moldova Israel and Armenia? No ta.

The way we playing we are hardly good enough.
I see your back on other forum. :grin:

Absolutely, I even graciously said hello to you and you flat out ignored me. So rude.

SCM is the best Liverpool forums though, full of absolute loons who don’t give a shit :rofl:

I only pop on very rarely maybe at weekend for a few minutes, what’s scm?

We could build our youth players up through it.

You know those ones you’ve written off after 10 games? (Or in the case of Ramsey 10 minutes).