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Oh the protest by the way…

I do hope Indy had better luck.

Oh Indy has turned into an Everton fan :rofl::see_no_evil:

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You can show anything with a picture.
The protestor had obviously just crossed the road at the beginning of his long march.

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Yeah from the picture you can see the road is empty because there were thousands of fans further up the road blocking the cars from driving in as a form of protest.

Although you know that somewhere, someone is using this as evidence of how shit Liverpool fans are…

“Can’t even manage to organise a fuckin protest!”

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One aspect to consider on the question of whether FSG should borrow to invest in the club for more transfers is that with the current interest rates, it would be incredibly expensive for the club to borrow money right now.


As fans, and I do this myself, I talk about what they should or shouldn’t do. The fact is they are world class businessmen, savvy, and wealthy, and they will do what they think is best, according to their modus operandi and aims.

If they are staying on for the duration, then arguably they will borrow to invest in a squad rebuild, as some are saying. Personally, they don’t look like they have the stomach for that, to me. They will put money into infrastructure, as that builds the asset, but I don’t see them taking the risk to borrow a chunk of money for meaningful player recruitment.

They have said they are selling up, in whole or part, and apart from the Gakpo signing, I think that’s it now. Never say never, and there might be a midfielder, but it looks like the drawbridge is being pulled up now and they will be off.

I think its more likely they are holding off on signings right now because the money that is available is being held back for specific targets such as Bellingham, not because they plan on selling up. If it were the latter, then they would be more likely to just buy almost anybody now because it wouldnt actually make much difference to them.


Hopefully, but my thinking is if they are still engaged, it should be both/and. Money set aside for a future star signing in Bellingham more than makes sense, but there should also be a little something now as we are in such need, and the club is taking a backwards step in front of our eyes. Kone 40M or something like that, to give top four a better chance?

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It seems the ever watchful Eye of Qatar has turned its focus to Spurs

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Maybe that’s why he was meeting with Mo recently?

Just for clarity QSI would never be investing in Liverpool due to the conflict of interest with PSG… QIA could.

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Really impressive guy is Mitchell!

“During The Athletic’s day behind-the-scenes, one of the most striking aspects of the experience is the extent of joined-up thinking between the club’s sports science practitioners and the coaching staff. Following the morning testing, which had followed a double session with an entire match worth of sprinting the previous day, the sports scientists recommend a session that does not involve sprinting for the players. There are also individualised recommendations that several players should be taken out of the session shortly before the end to reduce risk of injury. Clement takes the feedback on board and is prepared to modify training plans accordingly.”

“Last season, the club recorded player availability of 90 per cent, up from 76 per cent before Mitchell’s arrival.”

This is also very interesting…

“I want a coach who understands the things in place to enable him to get better results. They are not designed to hurt him. The game has moved from the old school manager as you can have 200-300 people to manage at a football club. There is no logic to say a coach can manage all those people well. So to have a coach who operates in a measured, balanced and intelligent way is exactly where a coach should sit.”

Some of his recruitment “wins”; Son, Tchouameni, Nkunku, Mane…


Yeah, Mitchell has been one of the most highly regarded guys in this area for the best part of a decade now. It is interesting though that I genuinely cannot think of anyone in this area other than Edwards who has developed and sustained that reputation as a side that is expected to actually win things. Maybe Begiristain at City, but no one thinks their success is down to his savvy maneuvering

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Was Mitchell the guy at Spurs who walked out because Levy completely ignored him?

That was the reporting. He was Pochetinho’s guy and so came over from Southampton but walked only a couple of years into it, but largely after having already put together Poch’s main team. One of the often under appreciated things about Spurs getting Ali was that Mitchell’s first job was working with Karl Robinson at MK Dons. Dele made his first team debut right before Mitchell left for Southampton and so it’s likely that he had first hand knowledge of what he could be and that was probably the difference between everyone else viewing him as a youth player and Spurs treating him as a first team player from the get go.

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I could foresee them investing in a Premier League club with an initial minority investment with gradual increase in stake that corresponds with an unwinding of their interest in PSG.

QSI have fallen out with the city of Paris over the stadium. I forget the details but they have decided to walk away from the city owned Parc de Prince once their current lease ends (I think next season) because of disagreements over how to run it. I dont know what their immediate or longer term plan, but if it involves building a new stadium or putting money into a rennovation of an existing one you;d think that would be an indication of their commitment to PSG. If they are content to play in a different subpar stadium then that could be a sign of being willing to go somewhere else


Yes, I believe they’ve been upset with the local mayor over her unwillingness to sell the Parc des Princes to them. My guess is that there is a fundamental difference in valuation, and PSG do not want to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a stadium they do not own.

Certainly, owning Anfield would be quite enticing to them. But it would probably take time for them to sell PSG. So any transfer of ownership would have to be gradual in nature - over a series of years.


It’s difficult to see the Mayor’s argument IMO. The stadium isnt used for much anymore other than PSG games. Certainly no regular source of revenue or services it is supposed to provide. We have one such legacy stadium in Orlando (Citrus bowl that hosted world cup games in 94) and it’s now a drain on city resources. It’s not like PSG dont have options, with Stade De France being up for sale.