The Random Football Debate Thread

An interesting piece (paywall) here about a players’ unions starting to respond to what they feel are violations of labour laws in the punishment of players. The specific case is from Slovenia, but the case they are making cites incidents all over Europe (including Sancho’s at United) pointing to how widespread the violations are.

Our now departed former in house legal expert used to comment on this reality quite a lot with respect to potential legal challenges to a player being “frozen out”, including them being able to unilaterally cancel a contract but because it never happens I think people didn’t believe the the interpretation. It seems the unions are now starting to move on these issues


Come back @Kopstar!

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Probably not going to change much in the PL, but does look to be sensible for wider football.

Heads buried in the sand with reference made to Abromovich but nothing on the oil state clubs…


Won’t do much I feel.

Especially when MPs think football clubs should get away with penalties for financing cheating.

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Emil Forsberg switched Red Bull sides at Christmas to join the NY side in the MLS. His wife of 10 years is now filing for divorce saying he left without discussing it with them and hasnt spoken to them since he left :exploding_head:

Cole Palmer at Chelsea

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I was thinking more of the time FC Borne put in a bid for Messi

Andre Wisdom in real life.

Seems like a fairly accurate prediction.

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An interesting analysis of the future governance of the Premier League.

Well worth a read.

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Even after factoring in that it should have read “among clubs”?

It’s still a good, thought-provoking article.

isn’t that the truth. same thing is happening to MLS right now, fans are being priced out of attendance.

Noticed this in today’s BBC gossip column:

Burnley have agreed a deal to sign Netherlands under-21 right-back Shurandy Sambo in the summer once the 22-year-old’s PSV Eindhoven contract has ended. (Fabrizio Romano)

Obviously, a rumour doesn’t mean that the player is definitely signing, but I would advise him not to use his surname were he to join an English club.

Those of us of a certain age will remember when “sambo” was slang for a black person. Mind you, it could be entertaining listening to commentators trying to avoid saying his name.

Sure, Andy.

How to say you are an old git without saying you are an old git.

He probably shouldn’t move to Sweden with that name either. Sambo means “person you’re living with”, similar to “partner”, etc.

And at Infant school we had reading books called " little black sambo", obviously not correct nowadays…but just recalling…things we remember…

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