The Reds are conquering the world: Part Deux

Back by popular demand (well, err, one person), here is the thread to tell us all about where you come from.

I’ll get the ball rolling by saying I live in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, not far from the somewhat less idyllic Croydon. The nearest Premier League team to me is Palace, although I only go rarely.

Where do you live?


French part of Switzerland, next to the Lac Léman.

This is a picture, made by Gustave Courbet in 1876, who spent the last years of his life around here (in exile), with the kind of light and colours you can see at times:

9 Likes, exile is supposed to be a form of punishment, this looks like a reward. Reminds me of my home in the winter - if we only had lakes (there are some but they are far from my village)! That painting surely does it justice, it’s a real beauty. And to think some people prefer sea to this… Well, some people prefer Everton to Liverpool, too.

I come from the Northern parts of Montenegro, from a rather small village called Bojoviće. We’re surrounded by mountains and cliffs and there’s a river flowing near my house. We still have plenty of forests and when the wind is blowing, it looks like the outskirts of Twin Peaks in seasons 1 and 2, haha! I’ve been living in Belgrade, Serbia, for the past seven years, though, but I visit whenever I’m able to.


Recently moved from cool, trendy Peckham to boring old Bromley.

Lucky I’m a grumpy cunt, fit right in.


Great thread idea, @cynicaloldgit.

Genius even.


Originally from just outside Belfast in sunny Northern Ireland, move to’t States in 2002 and have been living in Oklahoma ever since.


Wasn’t my idea, sir. @Iftikhar made me do it.


Kudos to you both.


There’s a top, top pub in Bromley: The Star & Garter, up towards Bromley North past the smaller (and better) of the town’s two Wetherspoons.

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Now that’s good advice!!!


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It’s a proper beer drinkers’ pub- perfect for old gits.

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I like beer!

Well d’uh.

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Singapore! Dominating the world.


Wasn’t the TIA thread part of some big plan of yours, that probably got fcked because of covid? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Living in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally from Tassie. About as far as you can get to Anfield.


How are you coping with the lockdown?

I know a lot of pissed off people.

Montenegro :heart_eyes:. When I was little, I used to think places like Montenegro, San Marino are stuffs of fairytales. The few photos I came across were so serene, out of the world; besides, you rarely hear about these lands.


Bit over it, you can feel your psychology starting to change, having been cooped up since March. Will be weird if things ever go back to ‘normal’, i.e. giving someone a hug in public, shaking hands , let alone being able to go to the movies or restaurants.

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Originally from South Elmsall nr Pontefract,West Yorkshire and currently terrorising the good people of Nottingham.