The Room 101 thread

I’ve been listening to a Nina Simone playlist on Spotify. One of the tracks is an up-tempo remix with a techno backbeat.

You utter, utter bastards! Do you think I want to listen to some happy-clappy fucking techno thing if I’ve put Nina bloody Simone on?

I nominate sticking DJ Wanker and his pissing laptop to go into Room 101.

I have a Spotify playlist of Italian footy songs. That’s it, that’s the theme. Says so right on the tin. The Spotify algorithm puts some of the weirdest crap on there. I sort of get when it puts on Italian pop, but Polish songs?!?

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Clients of another hotel coming to the reception just before my shift is over asking me out to fight.
Why? because 2 nights before he had come to the hotel door to complain about ants in his room and I told him I had nothing to do with the hotel he was staying in.
What a precious git, scared my poor clients who wanted to check out and ask me civil questions (so they just all scuffled off quitely to eat their breakfast).
No need for MMA anymore just sit ouside a hotel and wait for the staff to finish and some guy in his 30s will pop out from behind a hedge to smash the shit out of a 60 year old. :rofl:
Dangerous work yet no risk bonus?!!!?

What a mad place you work. Sounds like it has the makings of a bad budget reality TV series

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What he failed to mention, was when offered outside for a fight, this is how he walked out

fawlty towers funny walk GIF

I thought that is a goose step.
I tried a Frog step but I am not supple enough, in fact at my age and health issues I’m like a porcelaine stick. Fighting isn’t something I participate in nor is primary school insults which is the level of the other blokes comportement. In return he got the ‘wtf are you serious?’ look with a good dose of ‘fuck off!’.

Is it compulsory for young people to put their feet on the opposite bus seat when sitting at the back of the bus?
I have had the misfortune to have to travel on public transport the last few days while my car is off the road. I stay downstairs for the first part of my journey because it is only a few stops and sit on one of the back seats. Every fucking time a person who is late-teens/ early 20’s sits on one of these seats they immediately put their shitty webs on the seat in front. One today took it up a level by putting his feet on 2 empty seats.
Fucking dirty, ill-mannered, dis-respectful cunts the lot of them.

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I sometimes worry about the manners and social etiquette of the said age range…if I see it…I just ask “is anyone sat there” and plonk myself on the seat/footrest…

corners. the scum have turned so many in the last 10 years i am sick of hearing about them.

The most entitled and disrespectful generation in history

People who don’t have the balls to call out scrotes who put their feet up on bus seats.


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The family from hell…have decided to put a ghetto blaster on full blast in the garden…and lit up the BBQ…nothing strange…I’ve got 4 lines if washing out…mester wilkored08 is mowing the lawns…and nothing is said…these people are really fu**cking thick…


I’ve just heard it applied to The Archers, but the word just needs to be binned.

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The Invisible Man Movie - 5* UNMISSABLE!


he’s done the unthinkable! the Unimaginable! that’s pure Imagination! What was he thinking? Genius!

Sounds like something i might have seen. Looks like something i might have heard. I ll stick it in room101 just in case.

People who cycle on the pavement. This is a horrible story but I’m with the woman telling her to get off.

I’ve just watched a BBC reporter standing on the same pavement and a bloke on a bike zoomed past her as she was talking…

People who wear quilted jackets and shorts. Are you hot or cold?

Hiding something?

Not their spindly legs, sadly.

Exactly, lots of pockets in jackets.

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