The Sackrace Thread

It’s not surprising given the run, just disappointing that Palace didnt have more balls to stick with it. They are not a club that is going to attract talent and so if they keep doing the safe thing they’re going to stay in their natural place of upper mid table at best, but with relegation always a possibility. This run was not good, but their only real hope of ever being better was to find someone like Vieira who could be very good and stick with him when they’re going through this sort of storm.

Maybe there was something else going on. Maybe the issue with a club like Palace having a manager on an upswing like Vieria is a feeling that he’s always got one foot out of the door, which then shows up when times are tough? This stuff is all possible, but from the outside this looks like the move of an unimaginative club with visions of improvement without the willingness or capability to do what is necessary to achieve it.


Shame. I like Vieira, he’s a good guy, and his behaviour as manager was spot on. Hopefully he’ll get another chance at a club with more patience and foresight.


I don’t think such a thing exists these days.

Woy is set to return.

Wilf just purposefully broke his own foot to excuse him from having to play for that guy again.

At this point you have to question if he hates his wife that much or his wife hates him like was the case with Warnock :joy:

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Hiring Carrick off Boro would be a positive move.

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Aren’t they Palace colours…or near em…

I’ve got a pack of cards at home with two jokers in that look like that.!


All four kings are Kenny?


Was he a timelord?


He’s stuck in 1984

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How the heck is Roy Hodgson the answer?

Palace are twelfth. Ok, a bad run lately, but what are they expecting? Champions League football?

Money for old rope. If Hodgson keeps them up, from mid table, he will be a hero. Meanwhile, Vieira is the villain for taking them down to mid table?

No patience. I hope they get relegated now.

And we can pick up Olise for a few quid.