The Spursy Thread

Forgot he existed :joy:

Forgot or refuse to admit?

What a wanker


Pubic area, so vaginoplasty?

Ot oh…

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Is the issue that it’s on his forehead?

I know this seems like a Spurs story, but Porstmouth were dodgy as fuck in that period and so it wouldnt surprise me that any deal with them was dodgy. A big neon sign of what was to come with the authorities asleep at the wheel.

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I think good old ‘ARRY’ was involved with both clubs at the time




One needs surgery on his ‘pubis’ the other was made without one. :rofl:

1 point out of their last 5 games. Things not so peachy anymore.

It’s gone right old Spursy.

Newcastle next, hope they at least scrape a point there.