The Spursy Thread

Dier should know Spanish, Portuguese as well. Always helps in communication.

Still is a head scratcher as he has regressed quite a bit.

I heard a rumour The Toffee’s were trying to get Dier… Probably why he Fucked Off over there :0)

Anyone seen this lad play? is he any good?

If Kane can score 25 goals in 22 games for Bayern,then it’s not that difficult a league to play in,even for Dier or Mctominay.

Twitter Tottenham fans think he is the bees knees.

So no I haven’t a clue how good he is and nethier do they.

One Tottenham fan:

“Supporting Spurs is a collective social experiment in human suffering.”


Tottenham have hijacked Barca’s move for Djurgarden’s midfielder Lucas Bergvall.

He’ll be a Spurs player in July, deal is worth €10m.

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i know there is a lot of hate for Madison on here but this is class…


Absolutely brilliant loved this even though he isn’t one of ours


When did Spurs sign Tomo Werner?

In January, a loan with an option to buy (which I don’t think they’ll activate).

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Question posed to Ange but it points at a bigger issue across the board especially for big PL clubs. Nobody likes paying higher prices but the “REAL” fans of these clubs have to decide whether they want the money and revenue from the out of town fans like us. If the local fans can give them the same revenue that the global fans can, by all means.

I think you’ll find there was no atmosphere before these fans arrived.

I remember a lad next to me on the Kop who knew the basic chants and “you’ll never walk alone” but just chanted noise for the more complex songs doesn’t much matter as it’s atmosphere and support you are creating.

Better than the 3 blokes in front who sat for the entire game bar going for a piss.


Spursy at it again.

Spurs finishing 6th in the season they’ll likely be 5 CL places up for grabs will be the most Spursiest things ever.

Levy struggling?