The Spursy Thread

I don’t really understand why people think Spurs are going to beat City, when they can’t beat anyone else and the only reason why we didn’t put six past them was that we decided to use the last twenty minutes as a fitness run out for Stefan Bajcetic. And if Spurs do something against City, they will have handed Arsenal the title.

I can’t see it.


Spurs will give it a go but won’t have enough to beat Man City. They might score, but City will have too much, probably 1-3 something like that.

You never say never, but the whole thing has an air of inevitability about it.

Arsenal have invested a lot of money and have a very good side, good in all departments. But they will likely come up short, even after a very good run since the turn of the year.

Yep, been there a couple of times.

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Football is a bit more complex and unpredictable than that. Because then you could look at scores every few days and wonder “how come this team beat that team and then lost against those?”. Don’t even care too much what happens in the remaining games though. Generally, I lean towards having different winners, so wouldn’t mind if Arsenal did it for a change. Makes it more interesting. But ultimately, I don’t care.

A lot of people felt the same when we played utd and didn’t beat them in 3 attempts.

Inferior sides can raise their game, chances being missed etc.

It can happen.

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Rish! is such a lost cause he doesn’t even realise he’s on self-destruct. Even if Starmer were not to turn up – or just said nothing – Sunak would find a way to lose. Spurs should sign him up.

Poor Spurs. So bad that even the hapless prime minister is being linked with them.

I like Ange and actually rate him.

Hope they back him in the transfer market.

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Had he not just finished his 1st season at Spurs I would not have objected to the club making an approach for him.

This incident with City is just bizarre. Postecoglou seems genuinely unsettled by the behaviour of the Spurs fans, but even more bizarrely the club seems unsettled by his reaction.


Spurs have a track record of firing any coach who demands non-spursiness.

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I find it bizarre.

Like if I saw us doing it, I would be absolutely ashamed.

I was 12 at the time of the Blackburn game, I had a mate who was a Blackburn fan so didn’t much care who won the title (he was a knob). But now I would say if you aren’t going a long to support the team don’t bother, you just look second rate.

By all means don’t be massively bothered about a result afterwards (There has been one or two times such as Chelsea a few years ago that denied Man Utd the title). But I didn’t go to Anfield and cheer Chelsea scoring, I still felt evidently gutted we lost. It was just easier to take in an hour or two later.

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I seem to remember that Chelsea game being very weird. No real atmosphere, just subdued. Rafa was being heavily linked with Juventus, and during the game, he just sat there, not taking notes. At least there were no celebrations from our fans throughout the game, despite knowing we were preventing Man Utd from being in pole position on the final day to win the title.

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I was shocked when I heard the crowd reaction to the goal. Absolutely bizarre.