The Spursy Thread

Prime Mourinho was an ass, but he generally stayed three years before it was a dumpster fire and he left. Later in his career the cycle shortened and the trophy haul diminished.

Conte is in the latter-day Mourinho sort of space for me. Short life span. Short fuse. Might win something, but it wouldn’t be worth it.

Not a good fit, at all, for Liverpool.

Anyway, we’ve got Klopp for a good while longer. As his tenure comes towards the end, let’s see what’s what. One I am watching is Xabi Alonso. He might not hit the heights, but I hope he does. Either way, it’s nice to keep an eye on former reds as they spread their wings as managers.


Trying to get fired a la Mourinho but probably will not work. They only have to stomach him for 10 more weeks to save the severance. Those players may well be pissed. Eric Dier, Harry Kane and a few others in theater masks waiting to pummel him as he arrives to Monday practice with his latte. “Here’s a little ‘situation’ for you, mutherfocker!!” That’ll get them back in fighting trim in “their eyes and their hearts.”


He knows he is out in 3 months so doesn’t give a fuck rats arse if he steps on any toes or upsets a few presious egos.

Cue Spurs going spursy and giving up 4th spot. The question is can we take advatage or will we let our inconsistancy screw us around and give it to Brighton?

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:man_shrugging: anybody’s guess. :nerd_face:

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Sounds like a speech he hopes will land on the desk of the owners of PSG



Coward Conte. Own it and make a difference if you are that good. That’s ya job idiot.


I think he misses Touchel. :grin::grin:

I agree with what some of the comments Conte said. There have been so many top class managers at Spurs, but the team always seem to fall short on trophies.

However, he is one of top of the range football managers, he needs to find ways to motivate his players. The players are going to play worse than ever now, or the players can’t or are not following his instructions. Also his tactical methods are just not working. Conte publicly criticising his players in the manner he did was so wrong.

Either he is frustrated with the owners or he just wants to get sacked, so he can be out of North London.
Isn’t he earning 15M a year? He can get another managerial job in weeks. It can’t be the money surely. He has had a few health issues as well, plus a few bereavements to people he is close to and maybe he wants to take a sabbatical in Italy.

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Just give it till the summer you wallies.

BREAKING: Tottenham are set to sack Antonio Conte this week.

- talkSPORT sources understand

If they were the kind of club that thought through consequences and accountability, Conte probably would not have been saying half of that stuff in the first place.

According to him he has hide the lack go commitment and defended the players for a long time but no longer he is fed up with the lack of fire and the selfishness of the players. Sometimes you have to speak up, it is better for your health … :sunglasses:

Whatever his motivations actually were, they are somewhat irrelevant. He has very plainly reached the ‘fuck it’ stage.


Arry say’s it would be difficult to turn down the Spurs job if it was offered to him :roll_eyes:

“But you look at what you’re doing now, sitting around, having a game of golf, and it’s not the money, it’s the challenge, you love it, the buzz of it, winning a game is a fantastic feeling. It’s hard to say no.” HR

With the Ray Hodgson debacle, HR must think it is the season for Dinosaurs :0)

Thought Harry did a very good job at Spurs tbh even though things went downhill for him pretty quickly after that, wouldn’t have minded him at all after Rafa left.

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Harry was also batting his lashes at Leeds before they hired Gracia, so he isn’t completely checked out. I’d welcome him back just for the deadline day entertainment. It’s a bit shite without him. Though I’d be surprised if Spurs end up with anyone other than Poche.

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