The Tesco Test…

I have just been having a discussion with some friends about the merits of certain films (hence my post about Michael Fassbender in the film thread), and we started talking about actresses who may have only got jobs through their “looks”.

I mentioned an old test I use called “The Tesco Test”: if you saw the same girl (or bloke, if that’s your thing) working behind the till at your local supermarket, would you even give them a second look?

Examples: Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson. They’re all reasonably attractive women, but there is nothing special about any of them.

Now, we all know that individual preference is subjective but there must be some “sex symbols” who we all think are just a bit “meh”?

Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, maybe…

But Scarlett J ( to me) is one of the most attractive females on earth

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As I said, it’s all subjective.

The general point, however, is that celebrity makes people appear more attractive than they would otherwise be.


well yes… or maybe its just becuase they are a common reference point…

for example…who do YOU think is better looking, Cate Blanchett or the bird on register 3 at Woolworths Seaford from 12:00-3:00 pm sundays?

both are very good looking females…

Seeing that Woolworths closed its last UK branches in 2009, I’ll take my chances with Cate.

She may be a minger, but at least she isn’t a rotting corpse.

Can I just ask…does this test only apply to females…coz Channing Tatums butt just appeared on my tv…and if he was dishing out the trolleys at Asda I would be quite happy…

Re-read my opening post. :wink:

Sorry…to busy looking at Channing Tatums butt…

Better than looking at his face, I suppose.

I’m going to tell Mester W about your guilty pleasure…

Surely the acid test here is would @PeachesEnRegalia have a second look if Alice was behind the till?

Hey…he has a thing for Jane Seymour and that Trevalion woman on the Antiques programme in an afternoon…


I have never in my life seen anyone who looks like Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz or Scarlett Johansson in our local supermarket, sadly.


Penelope Cruz? Are you insane?

Quite possibly. But there’s nothing wrong with my eyesight.

In my personal opinion, there isn’t one hollywood actor who I find that attractive, (maybe George Clooney), they maybe excellent actors , that’s about it.

On the other hand, there was this bartender in this Lisbon soul fusion-jazz nightclub was charming and attractive, but he was too young for me, he gave me a drink on the house :heart_eyes:

I have seen more attractive people who are just ordinary every day people who could be superstars in some shape or form.

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Come on now, reasonably attractive? All three of them are absolute knockouts and it’s easy to see why they would have been cast in specific roles when they were emerging onto the scene. They are also relatively decent actors (Cruz has an Oscar win plus multiple nominations, Scar Jo was nominated twice a couple of years ago), whilst being objectively good looking opens the door for a lot of them (as it does for anybody in any and every walk of life) I think they have to have a certain amount of talent or appeal to have any sort of longevity.


Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?!

Again: it’s all subjective.

The point is not individual cases; it’s the fact that certain people are hyped by the media.

Cameron Diaz has a weird neck and looks like shes never eaten a full meal.

This thread is more about how the media dictates what is considered attractive, but I agree that Cameron Diaz is nothing special.