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Question: if Donald Trump joins….
…. in all sincerity the 2SLGBTQ+ movement, will it be completely destroyed? Eg He comes out as B, which is sort of like one of the founders. Alternatively he comes out as a +, will this also destroy the entire movement, or will the movement be sneaky and drop off the +, like a swift clean amputation.

Are you high? :man_shrugging:


Greatest OP since I was blind and started a separate Jose Mourinho appreciation thread.


Wasn’t familiar with the 2S part - had become used to using LGBTQI+ but it increasingly seems like the idea is really just to delegitimise the whole thing. Think we need an alternative lingo - perhaps sexually diversity - rather than an unworkable letter jumble.


You are Eric Cantona and I claim my £5!

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Why Liverpool? Were there sister cities like Lungpool, Heartpool etc? Or was there a East Ham or West Bacon? Chelocean? Bournenose?

There is an East Ham


Kidneypool, Spleenpool. Actually come to think of it, Liverpool is the only type of Liver I like.

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The person that named the city was from midlands Ireland. He was from Offaly.

I take it you need to be on some mind bending drug, to post on this thread?

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Why are you Wooltonred and not Linentonred?

I’ll need to sniff something to understand that.

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fart GIF

He is the younger brother of Cottontonred

Is his cousin Woolkilogramred?

Nope, that’s his grandfather

Wow that’s one of life’s mysteries answered

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I’m off to the pub, to drink some mind bending beer.

Why do people in the UK (generally) love Friends like it was written by Shakespeare himself but know fuck all about Seinfeld?

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Probably because Friends was on Channel 4 for about 10 years straight after it finished. Two episodes everyday, then just roll back to the start and do it over again.

Never seen Seinfeld in my life, or seen it shown on tv in the UK (no doubt it is somewhere but Friends was way more accessible).