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Easter and LGBTQI+ ? WTF is the connection?

People started saying happy easter at around the same time the LGBT community was invaded, as this is the time where all sense of reality started falling apart.

Partly joking, partly serious.

Partly paranoid delusional…

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Who said that?

Show your self and say it again, I dare ya

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Heh? I was responding to the BS posted by @nobluff re ‘Happy Easter’ and LGBTQI+

I was carrying on with the partly paranoid, as if I was hearing voices.

Was funny in my mind, obviously didn’t translate into written comedy


Not your fault - I’ve had a humour labotomy performed by a thorough German chap.


Yeah, well next time you hiding in the bushes waiting to assassinate me, I’m going to fucking mace you in the face. You and your CIA stooges will never get me.

Ah so you live somewhere there are ‘bushes’. Think you’ve just given the game away, mate. That was the final piece of our puzzle and we can now triangulate your exact position. Expect our black ops team very shortly.

So, not Aussie then.

Not Brazilian, either.

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CIA won’t find a landing strip if he’s in the bushes.

Last time I was bush whacked by the CIA, I had no protection, now days I never leave the house without.