The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 1)

I think there’s a good chance Brewster isn’t as rated from our first team staff like he is among fans and journalists. And let’s be honest, that certainly wouldn’t be the first nor the last time. It’s even usually like that (you can have opposite cases, but generally no).

I wouldn’t sell him now, there’s room for a full/better loan than last season and it would possibly open up more options next summer. There’s still a decent chance of him improving and being a useful player here.

Even if he doesn’t have a good loan, we could probably get £20m next summer. He’s young, English, a goalscorer, that will always attract hype/interest. No need to rush, I hope he’s not one of the alternative sales now if we have to raise money for Thiago and the whole Gini/Grujic/Wilson situation is dragging on too long.

Klopp has a clever way of telling things in interviews without being too direct. I feel he wants to say that Brewster isn’t involved in the game enough. That’s okay, but then he’s also young and missed quite a bit of learning when he was out injured. Perhaps he can teach it? I don’t think that’s impossible because didn’t he play as more of a general forward than a pure striker when he was younger? I know that was a long time ago and at much lower level. I’m just looking at arguments from both sides.

Maybe Klopp thinks, if you have pace and mobility, why can’t you do a job at LW like, par example, Greenwood does at RW for United. Just to throw an example.

We’ll see what happens, we’re in a good situation. Brewster is young and good. But maybe as fans we have to realize that he isn’t as highely regarded as he is among us and that’s it. The way we work, it might also sometimes be a case of taking the money a bit sooner than usual. Hope it’s not this summer though.


Count Villa out.

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I can’t help think that we’re going to really struggle to get £20m. £15m seems an acceptable compromise, and we need to think about the kid as well. He really needs a permanent move.


Ollie Watkins??? Between 28 and 33 millions for an absolute unknown outside the Championship? :fearful:

Now tell me that Wilson isn’t worth 20 millions…


No Wilson thread, so I’ll put it here.

Can be seen for the first time in training pics. Think he was injured up until now. We’ll see how long he trains with us…

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Wow. Not sure how he is worth £28m

He was injured then joined up with Wales.

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With no significant incomings I am REALLY excited to see what Wilson can too. Especially if we are moving to 4-2-3-1.


Reddy now splitting her word salads over two parts so it’s not quite so obvious she’s covering all eventualities, whilst saying nothing at all.


It must be a thankless task being a Liverpool-focused reporter during transfer windows these days - a constant need to be seen providing insight, when in reality you’re given absolutely nothing to work with.


I agree to an extent but I also don’t at all understand the current baiting going on by journos. Reddy’s piece yesterday was completely unnecessary and was a really bad look for her. It came off as insufferably self righteous and condescending.

Who is Kristian Walsh? I’ve legitimately never heard of the bloke. He was having a go at someone on Twitter and made a very odd statement over the weekend: “What’s the point in success if it only puts pressure on future success”. Isn’t that sort of the point of sustained success? As Jürgen says, to be better than you were yesterday? As Millie also said, if we are same level as we were last year that’s not good enough. This isn’t a knock more an observation but I don’t think the journos covering the club are very good. They aren’t informative nor are they illuminating.


No idea what he’s up to these days, but Walsh used to write for the Liverpool Echo.

He might even still be doing that, for all I know.


I dont think that they are contradictory. The first article is aimed at the over reaction we see on Social media by fans and acknowledges that the media play a role in stoking this. The second is more direct in its view of the club’s plans.

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I’ve just found the tweet. I think the point he is trying to make is what is the point of wanting your club to win stuff if you never enjoy the victory and don’t wish to acknowledge your club’s existing qualities. He quite clearly says he is not saying we shouldn’t look to improve or bring anyone in.


He does bits with the Anfield Wrap, Kristin Walsh. Always find him fair in his work.


His point is basically right. Seems people don’t even take the time to celebrate winning these days, they’re just worrying about where the next one is coming from.

We’ve won the Champions League and Premier League yet a fair amount of our fanbase seem to have forgotten all about it because they wanted a striker they’ve never seen play from Germany.

So essentially, what’s the point of success if you aren’t going to enjoy the success?


I agree as well. I made the point earlier that I’ve waited 30 years for a title win. It lasted about two weeks until Twitter was ruining it.

Part of the problem is that football is too tribal, and rivalries have spilled over into outright hatred. The frenzy for signings is largely a consequence of the terror that someone else is going to win something.

Every one else was terrified of Liverpool winning the league. It happened and they were fine. It wasn’t that bad for them. At some point Man Utd are going to win the league again, and we’ll be fine too.


The article in itself is not wrong, but it feels like a journalist lashing out at fans for being… fans? No offence to Melissa Reddy and im sure she had good intentions here, but transfers and football go hand in hand. Its just that now that we have social media , journos and media outlets exploit transfer hype and even bait fans into having unreal high expectation. The Daily Mirror for example literally puts some daft and idiotic title like “Liverpool miss out on top signing” etc.

While development and training is important, but in truth how many times have we heard things like “Not enough quality on the squad” or “the manager simply doesnt have the players he wants”. And before anyone gets all high and mighty, Liverpool is no exception to this. Only trent can be considered a young player who was moulded into this Liverpool side from the academy, the rest we have recruited and slogged over several transfer windows, its not just purely training and development is it?

Fans have the right to express concern over club activities. And i feel majority of Liverpool fans havent melted down into def con 1 over lack of transfers. We do need things to improve but alot of us understand where the club stands. It is simple in football and for a team like ours. If we win we are hailed as kings , if we lose we are called disasters.

Fans may obssess over the transfer windows , but its their god given right to do so and then discuss it. Of course personal attacks and malicious language are uncalled for and simply unacceptable. No one should be going to these extents. Exercise your right to question the club, but dont be abusive, rude and unpleasant.


The point I think missed out is fans especially on places like Twitter are questioning club’s ambition, FSGs lack of investment in squad and so on. Every target missed out becomes a stick to beat everyone involved and get frustrated to no end, forgetting we have just won the title and can enjoy it?

The same happened last transfer window as well. Let’s strengthen from position where we are on top, else the downfall will begin, etc etc. We ended up winning the title and by some margin. Maybe the club knew what it was doing? Let the downfall happen and then become miserable, right? Or question the club. Why in the present moment when we don’t know how things are going to unfold?

The club, the owners and everyone involved have won this much goodwill and should be given the benefit of doubt for what they are doing, because we are one of the top teams in England, Europe and the world for the past couple of years and that hasn’t changed yet!