The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2)

For me, one of the reasons is that he has been playing a far more demanding role that what is required as the 6

Commentator said earlier lots of premier league clubs watching Anel Ahmedhodzic Sheffield Utd central defender.

Lots of clubs probably will struggle to spell his name :joy:

We could just call him the AA. :joy:

Is it just me that read that as ‘Anal’? :laughing:

Better than the A&E which is where most of our lot spend their time.

Imagine the headlines Klopp has meeting with the AA. :joy:


We already need to replace Ox and Naby so keeping JM around is fine.

So what happened to letting aging players age their legs on other people’s turf and getting new players to compete and possibly push known starters onto the bench? Wouldn’t Milner also be blocking Curtis Jones’ time on the field or is Jones not needed anymore?

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I’ve got no issues if the club decides this, I actually half-expected it.

Ramsay is struggling to even get fit before even showing he’s a player right now for Liverpool. So there’s uncertainities with that one for the short term.

And Millie has generally performed when he was called upon. There’s an end to that around the corner and it’s impossible to know when, it can happen in the middle of a season.

He basically covers 2-3 positions, 3-4 roles at a stretch. Not a starting player, not a double-pivot midfielder, but someone who is a massive help off the pitch and a solid, reliable help on the pitch.

If it happens while he’s still under contract, well, that’s the “risk” you take. I think we took much bigger risks with some new contracts.

It doesn’t change our summer transfer plans, due to his worth as a character and player + his versatility, he can be the “extra” player to remain.

I’d be happy to have Millie here for one more season and then we see what happens.


At least, the good thing is that this club ain’t gonna face Vinicius Junior again in the foreseeable future…


Who blocked Jones time on the field this season?

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There are no blocks.

The player who is fit/available, trains and plays well, raises his chances to play more.

We have 30 seniors at the club right now and some players needs to ask themselves first and foremost why they’re not playing more.

It’s not gonna fall from the sky at a club like Liverpool, they won’t get a million chances to make it here.


Well, Jones’ own body? :rofl: but what I am saying is that if the pre-requisite demand from Milner for staying at this club is that he has to be at CM, then he should go…

There isn’t anything wrong with signing Milner to another 12 months, the issue is if they don’t sign anyone in CM in the summer.

Milner shouldn’t have to play CM for 70 mins against Real Madrid anyhow, it’s because some other players are always injured or can’t be arsed that he is.


Where has he said that? Wasn’t that his prerequisite when he joined apparently only to spend one season entirely at left back on that specific contract which was supposedly demanding he play CM.

And if I’m frankly honest out of all our CM currently it’s the one I’d want on if we were looking to hold on to a lead in most PL matches.

Why do you take everything posted by ITKs as gospel or why do you think that renewing Milner is a bad thing?


Problem is we can’t even get a lead nowadays even with our current starting CMs whom one is very fragile.

What I said was IF he demands to be played at CM as part of the contract extensions…

An expected extension if true.

Will be reduced wages, don’t panic.
If a 37 year old has the ability to block Jones, then panic about Jones or whomever else can’t complete with a 37 year old. Or maybe he’s good enough to earn his spot.

There are two players that are nearly 10 years younger, if we extended those contracts, then yes we should all panic because it’s all relative.