The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2)

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…Joao Felix

Can’t believe all the Mbappe and Haaland stuff in the last thread! I mean… we all hoped and so on, but few would have dared to dream that big. Mikey Edwards, top man!

I read today Mbappe has been offered 50mil per year and 100mil to resign for PSG… 200mil for two years… insane

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He should sign it then immediately follow it with a five year $1,000 deal with us starting 2024. 200m over 7 years should tide him over?

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Not questioning you but whoever wrote that is having a laugh :laughing: even PSG don’t have that kind of money.

I think last summer it was probably as much as 90% certain his destination was Real Madrid as soon as he could. Probably as little as 5% chance of him staying and same for him going elsewhere. Staying at PSG was always the best financial deal for him anyways we don’t have to get to such ridiculous figures.

But regardless what he makes in France he’s never going to get the exposure and status he’ll crave whilst in France.

However a lot can change in football. I’m not sure a young player like him would be quite as in love with the current Real Madrid side, manager and one of their emerging star players being in his ideal position. I don’t think he’d be keen on being square peg round holed into a Benzema heir which always seems to have been Reals intentions.

There seems a lot of talk about Poch now leaving this summer for Real (ironically) or United and ZZ being the main probability for the next PSG manager. ZZ was a big part of the original Real appeal and the Real manager who first got the Mbappe ball rolling over there. Wouldn’t be a surprise anymore for Mbappe to sign a couple year extension (although not on that rumoured deal) and work with ZZ as the new manager for a bit. He’d still be a young player after that, still loads of time to end up at Real and become recognised as best in the world. Might also lead PSG to gaining some money in a fee, he previously went on record saying he didn’t want to leave on a free as he didn’t want to hurt PSG financially with his departure (personally don’t think he needs to worry about that)!

Yeah, it’s a good point that isn’t often made. Other than the emergence of Benzema as a genuine goal scorer capable of carrying a team, the only other real positive story from real over the past 18 months has been the emergence of Vinicius. He is one of the few players currently playing you can plan for as being in their side come 2024. Mbappe has played a lot of his football at PSG as a central striker, but possibly thinks he is best coming off the left. How much the move to Real makes footballing sense may depend on what he wants to do with his role moving forward.

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Mbappe at 23 (will be 24 later this year) is not a young player anymore. Plus, when he was young, he was already one of the best forwards. So he’s not an ordinary young player, he’s one of the world’s leading players for a while now. The only thing is that he stays fit and yeah, we’ll see what’s his evolution like, can he be a regular #9 or remains more of a wide forward.

I don’t think he’s too fussed about who is the coach here or there (especially at Real, maybe more during his time at PSG), what is Benzema doing at the age of 34 (they compliment each other nicely in fact and Benzema could be a good mentor how to play more back to goal for a short while before he leaves) and if Vinicius is having a bit of a breakthrough season. These things can be adapted.

Real are Real at the end of the day and players like Mbappe want to go to such places. He can already bet on having a few Real first team coaches in his time there, but I don’t think that’s too important to him as it would be more if he was at a stage of moving from Monaco to another club/level before something of Real’s level.

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As has always been the case with his assumed desire to play at Real (comments nearly ten years ago as a teen and when they put mega bids in for him last summer and it looked like he was moving there) it doesn’t have to be now.

“Listen Mbappe, if your friend has a video of him having sex with someone, this is what you do……”

I still hate that Mbappe went to PSG. The Monaco Mbappe was so full of energy and a clear love of the game.

I find this PSG Mbappe to be miserable and lazy.

As good as he undoubtedly is, he is still a shadow of the player I thought he would be.


What he needs is a passionate, inspirational, world-class manager to reignite that flame.

I wonder who that could be? :thinking:



This is why I always thought/believed he wanted out of PSG. Its a soulless club, no fun or character there. And why I’ve always thought theres opportunity for there to be doubts over moving to Real where its more of the same. A Mbappe at LFC under Klopp would develop in skill and ability on the pitch plus recapture that energetic, game loving, fire for him too. We think the Diaz introduction has been positive? Imagine Mbappe!


Agree with this 100%. Not saying Mbappé will move here- we probably cannot afford him- but I believe he wouldn’t want to go to another soulless club if he could possibly avoid it.


There are a lot of criticisms to be levied at Real. Calling it a soulless club is surely not one of them. The club is full of cunts and the fans are petulant children complaining that they wanted a red Ferarri not a white one, but playing home games wearing the Royal White in front of 80k+ in the Bernabéu is the things dreams are made of.


Mbappe is a Paris (Bondy) kid, I don’t see him playing without joy at all. Considering he’s under such focus and pressure, he seems to be doing pretty well to me. He’s outperforming other players in those forward areas. Can’t say anything about his consistency either. There’s maybe certain frustration for everyone at PSG lately due to some domestic titles/cups lost and still not getting the CL (something much bigger clubs and similar top sides failed to achieve for years and decades - it’s difficult). But I think he’s “finally” ready to move on from the French league and is ready for new challenges. It’s not impossible he signs for 2 years, but I’m still much more close to the opinion that neither Messi nor money will make him stay.


I don’t think we really mean the same thing when we use the term then. Could have 180k fans screaming for you and your teammates, if your teammates are all cunts and you’re all a gaggle of mercenaries out for yourselves with a manager making decisions for the short term as the position is a revolving door… it doesn’t matter. Theres no heart, personality and comradeship there. At best a few cliques of mates and mini groups. Think about VvD and Hendo bigging the crowd up ready for Minamino to do the trophy lift on the pitch and Alisson being made up Kelleher was going to play the final and could get on the trophy winning keeper wall even though he was missing out. My main thoughts of Real are times like Ronaldo half heartedly celebrating because it was a Bale goal not his etc. the soul and heart of a club like us or Dortmund or Ajax… even Barca in the past/possible future? Real is supported a lot, it just feels cold and formulaic.


We spent a day a half on here analyzing/criticizing the lack of involvement in the celebrations of Jones and Mane. if one is looking for a reason to a knock a club they will find it.

I get the overall point. I think we’re a better club. I am afterall a Liverpool. But I am also a Liverpool fan meaning these things are more important to me than other people who dont have the same affection for the club. Real is NOT a family. It is a dog eat dog environment. But it is not soulless, and for players who go there and succeed it is not just the pinnacle of their career, but more or less the pinnacle of what any career could be.

The issue with Real is not that you do not get the rewards there. it is that so many players go there and fail because of the wrong incentives the club operates under. Even with those they’ve still won more CLs in the CL era than we’ve won in our history.


Their history and status trumps ours and there are very very few clubs you could say that about. It’s far from a soulless club, it’s a placed steeped in history, mystique, silverware and some of the greatest names to have played the game going back decades. They’re also going to be playing in an incredible stadium that houses 80,000 passionate fans. They aren’t the team of the Galaticco era but they’ll still win La Liga and he’ll get a taste of a big European night at a packed Bernabéu in a couple weeks time.

It’s a club you know will strive for success and you know they’ll always be looking to improve the team. If you’ve grown up in the CL era then you know Real are special, even when they aren’t at their peak. Sure they change managers a lot but so do most clubs at the minute aside from perhaps us and Atleti. And managerial change isn’t always bad, one of their most recent changes won them three Champions League titles on the spin with next to no managerial experience under his belt.

If he goes there now he’s the new Ronaldo for them. They’ll build the team to suit him whereas PSG are so desperate to be seen as relevant and a force that they’ll bring in any decent name they can, even if it’s a past it Sergio Ramos or a declining Leo Messi.

Ultimately, Real don’t make that bid last summer without knowing he’s interested and if he was signing a new deal wouldn’t he have done that by now.

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