The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 3)

Not just that; TeamTalk is just another wing of the Murdoch empire.

It’s just shit-stirring bollocks.


Yes definitely him. Standing on a glacier in the arctic I’m told #ITK

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Sure Madrid, you can have him.

In return, we want Vini Jnr, Rodrygo, Bellingham and £150M. Plus a Micky Edwards Fuck Off tax of £100M if you come anywhere near any of our players or targets ever again special as a sweetner


… and Ancelotti to serve as big Arne’s assistant :+1:


OMG, Hell yes!!!

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Nice to have that threat of leaving to back you up just before negotiating a contract extension

Swap deal :rofl:

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Biggest bullshit flag in the history of (any kind of) rumours

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If Trent wants to leave for Real Madrid, and the deal means we get Rodrygo in exchange, I would do that.

Conor Bradley is a fantastic full back. We are covered in the position.

Trent is a brilliant player and would be missed. But Rodrygo is a brilliant player and would future proof the position on the wing in anticipation of Salah’s departure, whether now or later.

Ideally we keep Trent and also sign someone of the caliber of Rodrygo. But if Trent has eyes for Madrid, being open to a new challenge now that his mentor/father figure has gone, and the price we extract is Rodrygo coming this way, I’d be fine with that.


If it happened, it could also help out Slot in a way. He would no longer have the ‘RB or midfield’ dilemma of what to do with Trent. Bradley would be the RB and Trent wouldn’t be taking a midfielder’s place.

Of course, we should also get Ancelotti to agree to being our manager if Slot fucks up and gets sacked at the end of next season!


If anyone wants to go, we will let them go, and extract the most value we can

It’s hard to believe that TAA would want to leave though at the turn of an era. He might think about it if things don’t go well for him in a season two under Slot or he might want to go overseas in a few years time but now, not sure he will do it.

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To be brutally honest, for reasons discussed a while ago (change of scenary) im suprised theres not MORE rumours about TAA moving on

Sell Trent and Mo and hope the season goes well.

Maybe Allison could go as well?
Fuck it, success is relative.


It says swap deal.

Let’s not treat it with any actual credibility.

Anyhow he’s one of those that needs a new perspective so another one Slot might work on.

Unreliable as fuck….moving on.

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I mentioned De Ligt a few months ago as someone who has underperformed, and perhaps a player we’d look at who could still have a high ceiling. It’s fair to say the folks here on TAN were not impressed!

I’d be on board with it, personally, depending on the fee. It’s someone who isn’t performing to their maximum, available, still young, played at a very high level already for several top European clubs.

Again, I know people on here aren’t fans, and I think the club will move for someone like Pacho.

On an unreliable rumour, we’ve supposedly enquired about Frimpong at Leverkusen, lol.

Seen loads of new names today.

Sport Bild alone linking us with:

  • Stuttgart 27 year old central defender, Waldemar Anton
  • Frimpong as mentioned above.
  • Hoffenheim 21 year old forward Maximilian Beier (16 goals, 3 assists last season)

Then I think it’s mentioned elsewhere but reports in Portugal linking us with Joao Neves.

Pretty sure none of them are likely to happen but transfer gossip is a like a drug. Ha



One of the greatest homegrown players we’ve ever produced. By far our best creator of chances. Future captain. Why would he or any fans consider a move?


The £300k a week salary he comes with doesn’t impress me. I don’t think he’s shown he’s worth that kind of money.

We’d also be his third club in four years since leaving Ajax. That’s a lot of moving about for a player and would make me question why he’s not settling or clubs are okay cashing in on him.

Saw him described as the type of player who’s only way out is Manchester United as no one else will pay over the odds like they will based purely on his name rather than his performances.