The Walking Eagle thread

Go on then… let’s make it happen…

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You should capitalize the t in the thread :blush:

Hopefully this thread dies this year.


You’re now on the FBI watch list.


Can we maybe keep this thread about Trump and not about “right wingers” or “pigs” and wanting to celebrate their deaths? Just a thought.


Just a little reality check. Imagine the former lawyer of any previous president coming out with what Cohen has written about Trump. There would have been an earthquake. With this president it’s just business as usual. What strange times we are living in!


And yet, the race is still close. The mind boggles.


I thought that was Bob Mortimer for a second.



It s definitely Trump.



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The mind boggles!!!

The Noble Peace Prize committee must have a pretty small pool of people to pick from if Trump is in the running this year.I can imagine it’s one of him or Baldrick from Blackadder,if it was down to me,i’d pick the latter.

How can someone who’s negligence over coronavirus and getting people killed,who also advocates and incites the general public to walk around the streets with machine guns,in malitia’s get any sort of Peace Prize???


Note, this is just Right Wing Norwegian guy nominating him. It is not a reflection of who the Prize committee are considering for the award. In the piece, cites that the same guy did the same thing last year. Trump has pleaded for this for years. He’s obsessed about it (because Obama got one) and so this is a way for sycophants to curry favour with him.

I have less issue with that than I do the perpetuation that Trump is a dove is just because he speaks about not wanting war.

  • He has actually increased our troop presence in the middle east and Afghanistan.
  • He has significantly increased his use of drones beyond even what Obama did, while removing what protections and data reporting requirements previously existed for such actions. The result is a massive increase in civilian causalities.
  • He has celebrated dropping the largest conventional bomb ever made, not because of any strategic advantage it gave us, but just because it was fucking bad ass.
  • He has repeatedly expressed a view that our troops should be seen as mercenaries, in which the primary consideration for their use is whether we get paid for them rather than protecting america’s interests, and used them as such.
  • Despite his recent comment criticizing military leaders for their commitment to defense contractors and the military industrial complex, Trump’s current Sec Def is someone whose only tie to the field was a defense contractor lobbyist for one of the companies that makes the drones that Trump uses so freely.
  • Furthermore, he has publicly stated that our diplomacy has to be driven from who wants to buy weapons from us, and seems willing to ignore any wrongdoing on the part of a “client”. He has committed to this idea so fully that his administration has almost certainly sold arms illegally to the Saudis (and then fired the investigators looking into it for them to perpetuate their atrocities in Yemen.

And all this is before we even consider the impact that he rhetoric and diplomatic approach has had in pushing us towards conflict, both domestically and abroad. But hey, there are now commercial flights from a country that hates Iran to another country that hates Iran.


@Limiescouse it just sums up the craziness.
Trump hates Obama but envies his achievements.
I just realised that’s a comparison to how other teams feel about Liverpool.
Now I feel dirty.


@Limiescouse in fairness, that bomb was pretty badass…

Not exactly Trump or USA related.

Did the world ever have such an assortment of poor leaders???

China, Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, the entire Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, UK, USA, Brazil, Venezuela…


How can you leave out Australian Pm #ScottyFromMarketing


Bro, the list is disturbingly inexhaustible :pleading_face:


There is now tape of Trump admitting as far back as February that he appreciated this was way worse than flu and a big deal.