The What's cooking thread

Its non alcoholic FLD. Mainly due to unhealthy diet.

there’s nothing quite like it.

there’s a market on the way to our place in the States we stop at for groceries (borders restrict what we can bring from home), they have a food truck that serves food. their carne asada burritos is wicked good. eat it regularly.

The Full English fancy Dress Costume - Note the Gimp Mask :0)


i’ve had a really rough day running around hospitals and what not…

I’m not a finicky guy when it comes to having beef… however my wifey is… do i think it is worth it trying to cheat her saying it’s mutton shwarama :smiling_imp:

Wow a human bean.

Hope everything is OK

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Is this our away jersey next season?

Oh pls no…

Yeah. Just routine tests for mum

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Dug it out. Proper diet blow out today, after yesterday I don’t care. About to spend a lot of time in the veg section. WUM? Me? Nah…….


What the heck is it?..gordon bennet.

A yummy little frog. :face_vomiting:

Bloody hell… yuck

Baked Spaghetti and meatballs. Sauce is a marinara from our garden tomatoes and basil, finished in a 30cm skillet and covered in cheese before the bake


Blueberry and banana pancake. As made by jnr after a little coaching.

Could go in various places this:

The beauty of BBE dates is when you buy, you can select the freshest. Now you (presumably) just go straight to the back of the rack for the latest product. If you throw an apple away because it’s a day over its sell by date, you have a screw loose IMHO. But that date does mean you can always endeavour to buy the freshest produce.

Thats gonna give me nightmares the night now,

Thanks for that!

Things of Stone & Wood - Happy Birthday Helen - YouTube

Sorry missed this at the time…you may or may not have heard this cracking aussie pub tune from back in the day…

happy Birthday Helen