The What's cooking thread

It’s not me that has it, it was @auzziez

dammit there’s multiples? augh. sorry lads

as it Burn’s night in Scotland…

it had to be haggis, tatties and neeps with a whisky sauce

It was a thing of beauty…


Currently in AZ for work for a few days, which is nice as there is a snowstorm back in Indiana.

Here with a couple colleagues who used to live in AZ, and we’ve been to a couple of Mexican places off the beaten track for the good stuff.

The carne asada burrito I just had for lunch was the best I have ever tasted.

Its non alcoholic FLD. Mainly due to unhealthy diet.

there’s nothing quite like it.

there’s a market on the way to our place in the States we stop at for groceries (borders restrict what we can bring from home), they have a food truck that serves food. their carne asada burritos is wicked good. eat it regularly.

The Full English fancy Dress Costume - Note the Gimp Mask :0)


i’ve had a really rough day running around hospitals and what not…

I’m not a finicky guy when it comes to having beef… however my wifey is… do i think it is worth it trying to cheat her saying it’s mutton shwarama :smiling_imp:

Wow a human bean.

Hope everything is OK

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Is this our away jersey next season?

Oh pls no…

Yeah. Just routine tests for mum

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