The What's cooking thread

My current favourite is just a stall short distance from my home, and just for around $6 Singapore dollars which is around 3 pounds plus? They even had a promotion for just $5 but just for a short while…fantastic Indian stall which does very good Roti too.


Come to think of it, I rarely had any lousy Indian food anywhere I go, from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK, USA and parts of Europe…all of them are of very good quality, even in some random indian places in random towns

I can see why you wouldn’t bother cooking at those prices. (Not too sure about the curry sauce though.)

Yeah I would gather that alot of ethnic food would have differed from the original locations, its like that for Indian food, or Malay food and Chinese food and its been adapted to local tastes and because of our multiculturalism, alot of food are adapted for other races and cultural preferences…so I am almost sure that curry gravy would not be found in most Indian original briyani…I might be wrong of course haha. And yes Singapore food prices are ridiculously low in the context of how expensive other things are.

Is it in Singapore where that street vendor has a Michelin star , or maybe Hong Kong ?

Yeah we have now a number of street stalls or hawkers in SEA which has a Michelin and in Singapore we do have a chicken rice hawker stall and pork noodle hawker stall which had Michelin star but the former one has since lost its star ever since it became an international franchise.

EDIT: and it was famous because it was the cheapest Michelin star ever, around 2 pounds in its original stall. But honestly, I am not a fan of them.

Its like taking a dagger to the heart reading all these posts about my favourite local Indian food just after being diagnosed with a severe fatty liver.

So to all those who posted on the topic… Fuck you all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Haha don’t give up. I was diabetic, hypertension, high cholesterol, taking 8 tablets daily for these conditions, for more than a decade, But I lost 46kg, doc took me off all pills, because I managed my diet to be cleaner and healthier and in return I can finally take these foods as a treat to myself once a week. So don’t worry you can beat it and enjoy these delicacies with some work.


Thanks @gasband , thats encouraging. I thought I will have to live with this lifelong.


the liver has the ability to repair itself, given the chance and if it’s not too far gone.

Nothing stopping you from eating chicken once in a while even with a fatty liver.

Thanks @Semmy . After a couple of days of medication, Liver Function Test results have shown improvement. As you said, seems like the liver can heal with proper medication and a healthy diet.

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he lives in Aussie, should be eating lots of fish anyways. Barramundi in a foil pack with lemon, butter and garlic!

@aussiez what did the doc say about booze? I imagine you’ve got to moderate that as well? time to start investing in edibles :slight_smile:

Salivating Homer Simpson GIF

Think your getting me mixed up, but personally cut back on drinking a few years ago when the hangovers started to really kick my arse

probably because the liver was functioning at a lower state due to the damage. What did the doc say was the cause of the fatty liver disease, hereditary or diet?

Think that’s what @aussielad is talking about with the first bit.

You’re mixing the two up, you’re thinking @auzziez

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It’s not me that has it, it was @auzziez

dammit there’s multiples? augh. sorry lads

as it Burn’s night in Scotland…

it had to be haggis, tatties and neeps with a whisky sauce

It was a thing of beauty…


Currently in AZ for work for a few days, which is nice as there is a snowstorm back in Indiana.

Here with a couple colleagues who used to live in AZ, and we’ve been to a couple of Mexican places off the beaten track for the good stuff.

The carne asada burrito I just had for lunch was the best I have ever tasted.