Thiago ALCANTARA: 2020/21

First Name: Thiago
Surname: Alcantara
Squad Number: 6
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 70kg
D.O.B.: 11.04.1991.
Town of Birth: San Pietro Vernotico
Country of Birth: Italy
Nationality: Spanish


Damnit. You win this round, Nik…



N-n-n-nooooooo! :fearful:

What? 100% Official, leaned?

Yip, just checked.

Thank f*ck.

Let’s play football for once in my life. :heart_eyes:


That’s his song sorted then already?


He is arguably the best midfielder of his type in the world, and I dont know we’ve ever signed someone like that before you could say that about at the moment we signed him. I’m scratching my head over this.

Torres, Suarez, Alonso were all players you could have had a reasonable sense of expectation about them reaching that level, but they didnt walk into the club house on day 1 as that player. Virgil kind of just hadnt demonstrated it at yet. Maybe Alisson, but he was kind of under the radar unless you knew about keepers. Maybe Kenny?


Possibly he walks in any midfield in the world right now? At least the PL for sure.

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A lot of it will be based on how you want to play with how stylized the game has become now…you cant just be good anymore, but have to be good at the things the manager wants you to do. But yeah, if you have room in your midfield for a player of his type, which you’d think most top teams would, I’m struggling to think of anyone in the worl you’d pick ahead of him.

Maybe Hendo, but that’s it.

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Before my daughter left for college, I insisted she give me a Thiago hair cut (because I was the first to declare this a done deal if I remember incorrectly). Since then I have asked my wife a million times if I look like him and she said no. But I will not be moved. Today I put on my kit and showed her a picture of Thiago in essentially my kit and she said: a little bit.

These are the days.


Could have gone to just about any club in the world and be one of the first names on the playing XI and he chooses us. Brilliant lad


Seems a humble guy, and should be as that’s the key factor for our recruitment. Loved how he mentioned he’s looking forward learning from Klopp. Well in, lad!


Alisson was very highly rated, I saw quite a few games/highlights of his thanks to my Milan supporting mate who dubbed him the best goalkeeper in the world (just to make it clear, he was and still is absolutely biased towards everything Serie A related, so he considered De Gea and Oblak a class below). I was convinced he was going to Real Madrid, though, but he didn’t have the top class status back then (and I think Ederson was ahead of him in Brazilian national team as well).

This is the first time Liverpool bought a player who’s considered a genuine top class player, a complete package. I’ll be reserved until he strings a whole season worth of top class performances, though, because I’m a sad bastard. I hope more than anything else that he has an uplifting and “educational” effect on his new teammates, especially Keita and Jones.

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I had heard him stated as the best in the world as well, but it was on the basis of really just 1 season of football in Europe, with one with him behind the former Arsenal keeper. To me he was like Virgil, people in the know might have suspected he was the best in the world, but he hadn’t really had the stage to show it.


Welcome Thiago and hope you will stay health and wish you win lots of trophies.

:joy: What did you have to do??? Laundry, garage cleaning, shopping??? Come on, you can tell us. :blush: