Those jammy fuckers down the M62

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Damn, the dickhead comment triggered the automatic closing of the original thread. :rofl:


It is a little startling in that Cristian Ronaldo compilation just how many of those awful tackles are by Everton players.

Not a surprise that he would move to La Liga when you think about it, no way he would have had the length of career he has had with PL refs. I think some of those were red cards, but there are a couple in there where there is more than one point where a card could be issued.


It doesn’t surprise me at all. They have always been a bunch of bitter thuggish cunts

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Sesko has apparently been announced as moving to Leipzig next summer so is off Utd’s radar


Still think my title should be used for this new thread.

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Yeah, we knew they played that way, but I doubt the compiler of that had the same ax to grind with Everton that a LFC fan might, and would have just been selecting for violent tackles on CRonaldo. Really says something that they stood out from a population that would have included loads of very physical, limited teams over those years.

Mods, any chance you can tell me how many posts I ended up with in Part 1?

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United fans looking to pull some stunt again against us. Wonder what it is only heard someone saying at work

They’ve withdrawn interest in Arnautovic due to fan pressure. Absolute fucking embarrassment of a club, this.

They’re now turned to Ismaila Sarr and fucking Alvaro Morata as alternatives :joy:

There’s apparently now an acceptance that De Jong will NOT come to them, so they’ve turned to Rabiot for midfield reinforcements. At first, I wanted to pity them, having gone through years of the same shit, but fuck them. They had their banter when we were in the shit, now I’m having mine. The cunts.


I cannot wait until Rabiot’s mum kicks off about something.

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You’re such a weird cunt.

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Both would be an improvement over the current lot.

I’d like to know who Morata’s agent is to get him this many high profile moves for such a distinctly average player.

Anyone got his number or maybe an address?

Morata and his transfers is primarily a case of money laundering I suspect.

Never claimed to be anything different mate.

And wouldn’t keep it beyond man Utd to finally bite on Morata and then be saddled with him for the rest of the contract on both expensive transfer fees as well as wages

And can we split those posts between normal and those referencing Redcafe giving him a hard on?


Suspect at this time , players don’t want to go to United.

No disrespect to Eriksen but he didn’t have any other clubs lining up for him after his history.

Couple of players from the Dutch league coming in because of the ten Hag factor.

Atleast Liverpool could attract the likes of Suarez even when they were down in the dumps… United now have fallen much much further down

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