TBF doing that would mean being able to play our other world-class right-back… er… um.


I think we’re not at that point yet where something drastic needs to happen.

This season’s he’s had a serious drop, that is true. Not as bad as Fabinho, but regardless of him being a very important player in the build up phase, we can’t run away from that fact.

In certain phases of the game he’s still top quality and he’s got basically no similar backup or serious competition, so he can be relaxed.

I’m curious to see if he can sort himself out this summer with no injuries, no internationals, nothing. Both physically and mentally. If he can get back to his level if the team also gets back to it’s level.

But… somewhere in the near future if there are no changes, we might look at bringing better competition for him than the young players we had/have or Milner/Gomez.

And if he’s not performing, sorry, but you’re dropped for a few games. I don’t care if he suddenly then tries to get his agent to see if other top clubs are interested. I want performing players here. He can’t feel at the age of 24-25 that this is it, he only needs to get the captaincy after Hendo (or Virg) and his story is completed.

On the midfield question, I’m not sure. I think that is more in the fans’ minds rather than the coaching staff. Southgate played him once for England as the RCM in a midfield 3 against Andorra and then Klopp said if Trent is in midfield, he’s a #6 (possibly meant double-pivot) and not a #8. I remember he played once, a few games before Kiev, against Stoke at home.

First and foremost, he needs to look at himself and improve. Plus, hopefully we can have a better/more consistent performing RCB alongside him (whether it’s a fit and maturing Konate or a new guy) and fresh legs at RCM, because ever since we have Trent and Salah down that right side, it needs protecting.


Trent Alexander-Arnold & myself both learnt the fullback role in #LFC 1st team. We were both heavily criticised for what we couldn’t do in that role. I eventually moved position, will that be the same for Trent in the future?

Maybe he’s auditioning himself for a comeback ZB? :man_shrugging:

A couple of badly thought out comments there from Carra. Sure, it makes sense to say that Trent at RB is more valuable to a good team expected to have a lot of the ball than on a bad team expecting to defend a lot, but he went beyond that with his original on air comment to suggest liverpool have a decision to make on which side they think they’re going to be? What sort of comment is that?

As for moving him to midfield, he is currently in a position that allows him to utilize his attacking strengths. The idea that he’d be more free to create in a midfield role belies that fact it would be a role with more donkey work and more touches of the ball in areas where you cant directly create from and in scenarios where you have less time. It’s a game of opinions, but complicating his game even further by forcing him to do more of how work in busier areas of the pitch just doesnt seem like a way to get more out of a creative player.

This season we’ve had a terrible midfield, Trent struggling at right back and the right sided 8 has played extremely wide at times. If we were going to move him forward, we should have tried it already.

I don’t care what anyone says, he’d have been much more dangerous than Elliot in the types of positons Elliot was being asked to take up.

Defensively he’s been very poor this year but offensively he has been badly mismanaged, we’re not getting the most out of him. In recent weeks we’ve seen some change to the way we use him, particularly in games like Everton and Newcastle, but not enough.

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It’s a mental shout to move Trent to midfield when he’s struggling, as you guys say he’s being asked to do so much work already… Imagine trying to learn to play our midfield systems.

The first major problem is he’d need to completly re-wire his game view, from basically only needing to look left he’d need his head on a swivel scanning all around every second.

He was excellent at right back because with a few small movements we could get him in space with time to use his extrodinary passing range and skill. He won’t get even close to that sort of time or space in midfield, it’s dog fight in there.

He looks totally fried, he needs time out to recharge. Southgate can fuck off odious hypocritical cunt as well. Come pre-seaon, get him back to the positions of last season and we go again.

Huh? Is that how Elliot has played the position?

Take a look at any heat map or avg position, he has been extremely wide for a midfielder. Trent could’ve done a better job in that role without a doubt.

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Hard to tell what our actual instructions are currently, we started the season with Salah hugging the touchline.

As far as I know, Hamann has a reputation in Germany of being a complete loon/clown as a pundit.

I loved Hamann the player but Hamann the pundit is a wanker.

If anything, he’s so stiff and grumpy that he could use some of the wacky backy to relax. :wink:

Get the midfield sorted, and Trent will come good again. Simple.

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Mainly posting this because when I saw it I thought Trent was wearing one of those ‘pretend tuxedo’ tshirts and it made me chuckle.

Good to hear, he needs it. Hopefully also has an injury free summer so he can both rest and sort himself out mentally and physically. Without reading too much into his body language, he’s also a very laid back character, but he doesn’t look totally right to me for a while now.

Are there even any realistic clubs he could go to?

Imagine thinking of selling him after that.

Give someone else the defensive responsibility and get Trent closer to the oppositon goal.

Amazing with the ball today.


Gomez in defence…Trent in mid…each backing each other up…

When we’re playing our game, that is largely what is suppoed to happen…you see most of the defending down the right is from Konate pinching over because Trent’s defending is much much higher up the pitch.

A lot of the challenges with Trent is the lack of pressure as a side we’ve been able to employ meaning we’ve had a lot more defending to do in our half where he has to be a more traditional RB in his defensive position. You simply cannot abrogate your FB from doing his defensive job in that situation and he simply has to stand up and do his job more in those situations.

Dont want to see him play at RB ever again…clear as day he shouldn’t be there, he himself doesn’t want to be there.

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The difference in attacking quality between him and Henderson when getting into those positions is ten fold. Not always been convinced by the shouts to move him into midfield but it’s hard to argue against it when you see a performance like that against such a good team. 9 games left and I want him to play all of them as the RCM.