Everyone knows now about Trent and his game, what he exceeds at and what he lacks. When we play with him it usually goes 1 of 2 ways, we’re on the back foot not able to string 2 passes, he’s getting skinned every chance and we lose or we play well and we’re able to get him on the ball and he does his usual brilliance whilst we all sit back and say wow after he creates a goal or 2 in a great win.

Yesterdays performance from him is reminiscent to any Trent performance when he plays well, when he helps the team win by providing we don’t point out his defensive display and vice versa when we lose we dont point out his offensive display.

Reminded me of De Bruyne when he went on that run through the midfield; bit leggy and gangly but they couldn’t get near him. I know it’s been done to death but I think he’d go up a notch in there.

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He can do underlaps and overlaps which makes him unpredictable.

To be fair, in the last 2 games, not only did he provide killer passes offensively, he was even pretty solid defensively especially in the derby.

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Trent is a fantastic footballer who’s had a tough few months. That’s it basically.


The assist for Nunez came from him drifting infield…

Which one?

V’s Newcastle he is outwide.

The above video shows him taking up much wider positions i.e. wider than Salah (who is much more central).

The assist for Nunez was from a central position.

The point stands though, Trent has started getting in better positions out wide. Some of the crosses he’s delivered in the last two games have been sensational.

We’ve missed that threat from the wide right positon in far too many games this season. Henderson can provide it occasionally but nobody can replicate what Trent does if we allow him to find that space.


He was good last night, more energetic. Will need to be on his toes on Sunday.

Dont say he was more energetic or you will be talking nonsense :wink:

My Motm his alround game was good but his EFFORT was the difference maker as he has recently looked lethargic

Someone can be more energetic because they feel fitter, better. Doesn’t mean they started putting more effort in or caring more.

If they feel fitter, better and more energetic then they put in more effort!!

Digging yourself a hole

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quote=“Sportbilly1966, post:54, topic:3407”]
Trent’s body language in a few games this year and his effort has been below par, today he just said I don’t give a f$5k and went for it

This is what you said to begin with.

Body language and effort below par. Today he went for it.

If that’s not saying he hasn’t cared enough I don’t what is. I notice you didn’t answer those specific questions I asked though.

So yeah you made a nonsense comment. Just own it and carry on.

Body language isn’t always about caring, he has on several occasions, when the camera has panned to him said f#*k off, to what seems to be his own player’s pulling him up and on quite a few occasions he hasn’t sprinted back into position.

His effort and work rate were excellent today so now he has set his level, he has been at this level in the past, so therefore in many games his effort has been below par!

I do own but you can’t see that he has been below what he can do effort and attitude wise.

I do see he has been below what he can do effort wise (don’t agree with your point about attitude). But it’s the reasons for that we disagree on.

The way I see it he was thinking to much maybe feeling mentally tired but today as I said it he said fuck it and was back to his best in all aspects, he gave his all for the time on the pitch rather than maybe saving himself so he plays 90 min.

I know I have done it as a player when I have felt lethargic, I may be wrong, but I loved what I saw today and for me it was night and day from a lot of the games Trent has played this year

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Trent is such a clever passer of the ball. Some of his 5-10 yard passes that take a player out. Outstanding!


Trent getting himself a fan for life there…
Really nice to see the good side of football sometimes :0)


A debate which will no doubt be brought up a fair few times every single season.