Tyler Morton (CM) on loan at Hull City

Just my opinion/gut-feeling, maybe there’s some serious interest about Ox.

They’re such different players in terms of position, style, experience etc that it’s hard to see how their situations influence each other. The only thing they have in common is playing in midfield.

And yet he is the only one I can think of? And I can’t think U23s would have a bearing on this.

He isn’t going anywhere. Hope he gets enough minutes with us.

He’s staying because Oxlades injury is serious.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to write :blush:




Bring him back in January hes been brilliant for Blackburn this season.

Hilights on Sundays.

Isn’t this the very definition of a knee jerk reaction?

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If you watch any listen to the way the commentators talk about him.

Nah i think its attacking one of our midfield youth players who mainly had been ver good for us. :smile:

Yes. The RULE* early states ‘10 full matches’ must be watched before any player can be judged.

9 and a half won’t do.

*made up by Dutch after a long night on the piss

8 is right out

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Can we have him back, please :pleading_face:

He has been excellent at Blackburn in the 4-5 games I have seen.

Deffo their best player.

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In fairness I check in on Blackburn forums tonsee how he is getting on and from their perspective things aren’t as rosy as they seem from the outside. They say he disappears for long periods of time and has been weak too often.

Disclaimers though is that Blackburn fans tend to rate their own youth a bit too highly so they’re obsessed with the idea that loanees are stealing minutes from their own players (and therefore judge harsher). For Morton in particular they want to see more of Adam Wharton.


Maybe the other games are different, maybe he only turns up on TV, I do remember their comments about Elliott though and frankly he was playing like he did before his injury and that was a level above. I think it’s wise to keep him there even if we could bring him back.

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Crazy Blackburn are where they are despite losing 13 games and being on a -ve GD.

Best thing to do is leave him there, he’s playing regularly and Blackburn are in with a chance of staying in the play offs.