Tyler Morton (CM) on loan at Hull City

Nah, leave him where he is, especially if he’s doing (relatively?) well.

Next summer have a look at him and reconsider, if his progression commands it. But there are more chances that he will be on another loan than with us, as we are looking to strengthen our midfield on the market.


35 games, 2483 mins. Better still, no games missed due to injury or fitness.

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Rock hard….oh…I mean yeah Tyler too

Ride free, all day, all night!

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We really need a :metal:t4: reaction.

What a song btw!!

On the bench again tonight.

Ex Liverpool academy lad Ki-Jana Hoever opens the scoring for Stoke.

Make that a brace for KJH before half.

Just checked the weather… guess that’s that question answered.


They looked utter garbage before they made the subs whatever the Blackburn fans on their message board think.

Its actually got to the point where its quite mean over there now. Not sure there are many objective voices coming from that particular forum on him anymore. Some of them actually were happy he got a booking for a nothing tackle because they were hoping he would he sent off.

In general they seem an angry fanbase. They hate all their players, no one is good enough. This is a team that just won five in row including a game away at Leicester City :joy:

Although I like to get the perspective of other fanbases I’m going to stop checking on Blackburn’s forum. I think the generally toxic attitude of the board may be influencing their opinions on players - when I look at the threads without searching for Morton’s name it becomes pretty obvious that they are just not happy people.

There such an odd team with form, absolutely destroy one team then lose the week after and it doesn’t seem to matter who the opponent is.

Morton has evidently fallen out of favour then again Jarvis* seems to play his role and he isn’t a bad player not sure why he missed games earlier in the season for Morton as I’m sure he has the armband at times.

To be honest I still feel they are over performing but I guess the form I’ve seen them go through would start to anger you.

I expect they will make the playoffs but I doubt they’d go up as they have no consistency.

*Ive noticed him for incredibly shallow reasons.

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Interestly he is also from our academy. He was released at 17 and went to Blackburn. I’m amazed he’s now playing fairly regularly in the Championship but what he has achieved since leaving us is great.

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As I said my following of the lad is entirely shallow :joy:

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I think loans are a very hard way to judge young players and equally as difficult for the club to match up a player with an ideal club.
It is almost like reverse scouting. You never know what is going to happen, the club may change managers, etc. you can be successful like Defoe at Bournemouth or crap like Carrick at Birmingham City.
If a player is good enough then they are not defined by their loan spell. But the loan spell does make or break you as a player.
I like Morton, it would be nice for him to see out the season with Blackburn, have a good pre-season and then another loan period which places a greater expectation on him.

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Starts today against Sheffield utd in fa cup on itv.

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1-0 up

Freed link: https://archive.is/20230318124211/https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/blackburns-play-off-push-spurred-by-liverpool-loanee-tyler-morton-who-beat-man-city-22-0-3gktt5j9m

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Tyler Morton has reportedly agreed terms with Chelsea.